4 thoughts on “360° Video: When the Local Supermarket Becomes a Luxury Tower

  1. I’m sure these same people complained about Pathmark hurting the filthy mom and pop bodegas in the neighborhood. You got your wish.

  2. Now there are no supermarkets in the neighborhood. Essex Street Market could be so much better but the management run by EDC is clueless. Lots of turnover @ EDC, mismanagement by staff and a ton of empty stalls that could make this a vibrant market. A couple of years ago there was the New Amsterdam Market which was fabulous and could of grown, but the city clueless ppl again at EDC wouldn’t allow it. Now, the marketing for the market is suppose to be done by the LES BID, but it aint happening.

  3. This is yet another example of how our city’s land use laws are failing our neighborhoods. We need a comprehensive review of all land use laws and of all city agencies tasked with enforcing those laws, and we need it now. When children build neighborhoods out of blocks and Legos, they have the vision to include schools, hospitals, fire and police stations and parks. City Planning must find the inner strength to do the same, think about what the neighborhood needs without regard to the real estate and other special interests. Neighborhoods are full of neighbors who are human beings and as such need to be able to acquire food. There should be no neighborhood without an affordable grocery store. If city agencies can’t find the common sense on their own to ensure that, our local laws must require it.

    • Rents are so high for large (at least 60,000 sf) spaces in Manhattan that the major chains like Stop-N-Shop or Shop Rite want no part of it. Even in pricey neighborhoods the supermarkets are either dark dingy small 3rd rate dumps or overpriced niche chains. My local stop-n-shop on s.i. is a huge clean bright well-stocked store with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, and quality meats. Manhattan is becoming too expensive for supermarkets to operate in.

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