2 thoughts on “Mayor Claims City Limits Story is Inaccurate

  1. If this budget didn’t include $ 9 million more for the misguided expansion of the museum of natural history, food security wouldn’t have to be ‘negotiated.’ It could be guaranteed. The museum, a private institution, has a billion dollar endowment to draw from and shouldn’t be subsidized by taxpayers at the expense of the poor.

  2. I cook in a soup kitchen and am well acquainted with the woman who runs it. She told me that all 1,100 soup kitchens in NYC are obligated to purchase food from Driscoll Food Distributors, with whom the city has contracted. I cook, professionally, in a private school that has combined its purchasing power with a group of other private school to get better pricing. The director of the soup kitchen showed me the Driscoll invoice for a delivery recently and they’re paying far more for food than I am for my small private school! Isn’t the idea, when the city negotiates a contract, to get the best prices in exchange for the amount of business the city will provide a vendor? Seems to me that the city could save some money if they replaced their existing distributor.

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