5 thoughts on “City Views: The Clock is Ticking to Revamp New York’s Child Protective System

  1. Mary, you’re right. This does sound like a horror movie. Funding for preventative strategies and an increase in supervision for families holding on by a thread in desperately needed.

  2. As an ACS Child Protective Specialist, I can say that the job requires A LOT of work and the compensation is horrible. On top of that the fact that we get blamed when parents fail their own children, makes the job less desirable. The agency is understaffed and the caseload is increasing beyond our capability. We work non stop and still can’t make deadlines. As a single mother I have neglected my own son because I get home at almost 10PM every night just trying to keep up with the caseload. I go into homes sometimes with Police assistance and they even say they could not do this job. ACS will not be able to retain employees because the pay does not match the amount of work involved.

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