2 thoughts on “Report Finds Rezonings Threaten Auto-Repair Industry

  1. Do not paint with wide strokes: the North Shore of Staten Island has a concentration of auto repair shops (and flat fix curb-side operations, and used car lots, and truck rental operations). Due to the deliberate exclusionary zoning the are features heavy industrial zoning directly adjacent to residential.How nice that the immigants have a place to work. How horrible for local residents, who contend with plate-less wrecked cars parked on the street, unidentified fluids running into the street and then to our combined storm sewer, smells of auto-body repair without spray paint booths, and work with loud music and tow truck deliveries 24 hours a day. Enforcement is lackadaisical at best, although several times chop-shops have been uncovered (they’re shut down, but there’s always another willing to move in: lots of money to be made, after all). Because we aren’t a “golden” area for real estate development, we see efforts such as the Industrial Business Zones, and an official policy of welcoming heavy industry with open arms – performance standards be damned!

    Sorry, I won’t shed a tear for the immigrant community and auto body work. My community is getting screwed.

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