The end of the line for most voters.

The end of the line for most voters.

The line was out the door and down the front steps of Public School 33 when Yudelka Tapia arrived at the polling location at eleven o’clock, five hours after the doors opened.

Tapia, the district coordinator and Assembly district leader for the 86th Assembly District, said that her role was to keep the polls running smoothly. But things weren’t running so smoothly when she arrived, largely because the heavy turnout kept people waiting.

“It was so chaotic when I got here, and the workers didn’t want to deal with the line,” Tapia said.

She said voters were bottlenecked around the two electronic tablets used to look up the voting districts of those who did not bring their voter cards to the polls. Tapia called the Board of Elections for more tablets. In the meantime, she greeted voters and used her phone to look up their districts.

More tablets arrived, along with 15 more people to help move people through the line.

But Tapia said the worst was still to come. “After 5 o’clock, it’s going to get very chaotic,” Tapia said.

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