Many voters welcomed the end of election season, but Peggy Clark had a different opinion.

“I love politics,” Clark said as she volunteered at P.S. 306, a polling place in Claremont. “I love the way it just brings out so many different types of people.”

“It feels like you’re on fire, but a great fire,” Clark said. To her, politics is an opportunity to get involved and try to make a difference.

“Can I be a part of solving it?” she said.

“My mom tells me, ‘Peggy, you should be a politician, cause you talk like one,’” said Clark.

Even after several hours working at the polling station, Clark still had not voted – and said was still undecided. To her, both major party candidates had their negatives.

Clark questioned what Clinton has accomplished in her political career, but said she liked how Trump responded to his critics on Twitter.

“I’m still trying to decide who I want to go in there,” Clark said, as she thanked voters leaving the polling place.

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