If you Trust Ted, help him out.

Michael Vadom

If you Trust Ted, help him out.

With Presidential Primary Election Day coming up in less than a month, it looks like New York’s contest might be more interesting than we’d have expected it to be this late in the campaign calendar. If you want to get involved, here are some tips:

For former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, fans can go to the Democratic candidate’s website to sign up to be a volunteer. Republican front-runner Donald Trump takes a similar approach on his site

Sen. Ted Cruz welcomes volunteers here and asks them to indicate how they want to help.

Would-be Republican candidate John Kasich volunteers also have to sign up via his website where they can view different options on how to volunteer for the Kasich campaign, like “make phone calls,” “join our Rapid Response Team” or “host an event.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the other major Democratic candidate in the race, has his volunteers complete a sign-in sheet to indicate if they want to knock on doors, call voters or support other volunteers with housing.

(It’s worth noting that two other Democrats will be on the ballot in New York State come April 19: Roque De La Fuente and Christin Griskie.)

Another route to take if you don’t know who you’re voting for is the League of Women Voters. They dedicate themselves on ensuring that all eligible voters get the opportunity and the information needed to exercise their right to vote. To volunteer with the League you can go to their website and complete a form that you mail in.