2 thoughts on “The Complicated Research on how Gentrification Affects the Poor

  1. It is widely acknowledged that many NY neighborhoods were under-counted in the 1990 and 2000 censuses, making succession data for certain populations hard to use at any less than 39,000 feet.

    Not exactly the scale at which re-zoning works.

    None of these studies ask what % of households’ income is spent on housing costs.

    Given that city median income is still lagging 2008 figures by thousands of dollars, this is the crucial issue.

    Only for some of us, however. Vicki Been is certainly not in the same boat. She makes a whopping 19% more than Shaun Donovan did before he left for HUD in 2008. And yes, I’ve adjusted for inflation.

    FYI, quick income citation below – whereas Donovan’s salary as reported in…City Limits!


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