5 thoughts on “NYS Prison Budget Climbs, Despite Fewer Inmates

  1. nice piece . Please read my new book. Anthony
    Papa is the manager of media and artists relations for the Drug Policy
    Alliance. He is the author of This Side of Freedom: Life after Lockdown.

  2. I don’t suppose the immense amounts of featherbedding has anything to do with this?
    Job sharing? As an example, one CO sharing his job with another, works 2 double shifts, has 4 to 5 days off and still receives full wages and benifits without physically working those hours.
    Imagine having off 5 days, getting vacation credits (and all the other benifits) and tacking on another week or two on top of that for a payed for vacation without performing any actual work. Sounds sweet. I won’t mention night shift not actually doing rounds because they know that the prisoners are in a particular place and do all the paperwork at the beginning of the shift without actually doing the actual round. Oops, just did.

    • Well… Lets correct your statement you made. First… Job Sharing. Yes, CO’s can “Job Share” but the correct term is Swap. Swaps are permitted in Corrections. A CO can work and 80 hour week and take the next week off. Example. CO Bob working Unit A works Monday to Friday 7-3. CO Joe works the same unit but 3-11. CO Bob agrees to work Monday through Friday for CO Joe’s 3-11 shift. CO Joe agrees to work for CO Bob’s 7-3 shift the following week. Paper work is submitted for authorization from staffing, then approved. In the 2 week period, both CO’s work there 40 hour week. Sounds sweet? Naaa. Your working the double shift so you can go home to your family 4 hours away on your days off. Now about not doing “Rounds” on the night shift. Does it happen? Sure it can. If you get caught not doing your rounds… instant termination. Not doing your paper work… well all paper work is time sensitive. Nice try Shark

  3. At bare hill correctional, there was a c o they called sleepy,he’d do a head count an go right to sleep,then have an alarm to wake him minutes before brass would do there walk. It was crazy,inmates up doing whatever they want using drugs,sharpening weapons in shower. Brass knew what he was doing,they just didnt care. All officers stick together,its a joke. Ive seen inmates beaten in side hallways an corridors for doing nothing but facial expressions

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