2008 results

Source: NYS Board of Elections

Joe Biden is reportedly leaning more heavily toward running for president. If the vice president does jump in, New Yorkers won’t get a chance to weigh in on that idea until April 19, the date for the state’s 2016 presidential primary, if the race lasts that long.

When New Yorkers last had an opportunity to vote for Biden, he did not do well: The then-senator from Delaware placed dead last in the 2008 New York primary behind hometown favorite Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson. Biden received by 0.23 percent of the vote.

But wait! Biden had dropped out of the race by then. So maybe his results in the Empire State eight years ago mean nothing.

Wait still more! Richardson, Edwards and Kucinich were also out by that point. So that means that Biden was the least popular of the phantom names on the ballot. Maybe.

All one can say for sure is that 4,321 New York Democrats were so devoted to Bidenism in 2008 that they voted for him even though he’d been out of the running for more than a month. If you were one of those voters, let us know why you did so.

Candidate Votes Share
Hillary Clinton 1,068,496 56.50%
Barack Obama 751,019 39.71%
Scattered 28,698 1.52%
John Edwards 21,924 1.16%
Dennis Kucinich 8,458 0.45%
Bill Richardson 8,227 0.44%
Joe Biden 4,321 0.23%
Total 1,891,143