8 thoughts on “Who Exactly is the New York City Parents Union?

  1. Thank you for doing this piece. It’s about time someone outed this group which is nothing more than two angry I ndividuals who realize they can get more press and money by attacking and suing the DOE and the teachers union than by taking their funding – as Ms Davids used to do. The group should be called the New York City Parent Union since their membership is in the single digits. 9000 members? They cant verify NINE active members – unless one counts as members those of us who subscribe to their email link to see what anti public education vitriol they create in the name of their hedge fund masters. This is a two person organization without an iota of grassroots support which helps Rupert Murdoch and other so called Ed Refromers pretend that parents support their privatization efforts – which we do not. Please push further and get to the bottom of this completely phony “parent” group.

    • They’re relevant because they have guts and some of Mr. Pirozzolo’s money and connection to the Republican establishment on Staten Island. Speaking up for charters which Ms Davids has for some time and Mr. Pirozzolo more recently is nothing to be ashamed of if you recognize that the UFT/DOE monopoly serve each other first and then, if something trickles down, the children. To blame hedge fund managers is simply the alternative liberal political position of Mr. Pirozzolo. If you believe in competent management, then you support some charters, teacher evaluation partially based on exam results, and the continued use of data to identify good schools and move more kids to them. But then, the UFT and its monied sycophants don’t believe in any of that, do they?

      • Right because the Koch brothers who would like to bring an end to the minimum wage for example have the best interests of poor kids at heart. Charter school backers need to get over their resentment of individual teachers they didn’t liek and realize you are hurting all kids in the long run.

    • Noah, interesting you should call them that. I bought this after they tried to use the DN and Post to smear me and promote their frivolous lawsuit.

      www. nycparentunion.org

  2. Great piece. Several of us signed up for NYC Parents Union on their website and never heard back.

    It’s amazing what you can find on the eternal internet. See what we exposed here early into their suit.

    Dissecting the Pirozzolo vs State of NY Teacher Tenure Lawsuit


    We’re thankful Sam’s political career is over and was sucked into a black hole.

  3. They seem to be shills for the hedge fund backed charter school movement, I suscribed to their posts on facebook but unsuscribed when I saw they were nothing but re-posts of NY Post articles attacking teachers.

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