6 thoughts on “Where is Jeff Klein in the Rent Regulations Debate?

  1. “He never sides with tenants.”

    What are you talking about. More lies. There are 18 million people who don’t have a stabilized apartment in NY. Klein sides with those 18 million people.

  2. As a disabled veteran and an owner of a small house, I have to navigate
    stairs to my apartment on my butt, because under rent control laws I
    have no right to a ground floor apartment in my own house. That’s the truth about rent control!

  3. Not correct. Our senator Klein does help tenants in the community. So much focus on my senator and not on all the upstate senators who don’t support rent regulations and Dino like simcha Felder that sell to the almighty dollar. Someone is using this issue to target my senator Klein unfairly

  4. Senator simcha Felder serves skelos and the almighty dollars as he served bloomberg when he was in the city council. Why the feds never investigated felder’s slush funds in the city council. Why democrats are silent about simcha felder? Something smells rotten

  5. These groups including tenacts pac by Michael mckee hace an agenda. MiCharles mckee of tenants pac endorsed Christine quinn for mayor. Quinn who gave st Vincent hospital to developers to replace with luxury towers quinn who was beholden to mayor bloomberg and the real estate developers. Not to mention mckee and the others groups tried to push Oliver Koppel in our district against my senator Klein. Oliver Koppel was the one who introunced bill to overturned term limits against the will of the people. Koppel in city council stated we were too unsophisticated to decide such matters for ourselves. Koppel who had no compassion for animals and even voted against humane education in the city council. This seems like the corrupt democratic party machine trying to smear my senator because he didon’t pay to play with then. Sour grapes. My senator klein takes cate of us and his district. His office is even trying to save the only bronx animal rescue shelter we have. No other elected officials helps us as our senator Klein. I will always support my senator.

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