5 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Bratton’s Collaborative Policing Doesn’t Offer Real Reform

  1. Too many police as it is. End broken windows and only target traditional criminals and the crime rate will plummet.

  2. if black people committed crimes at the same rate as white people we would not have to build anymore jails and, as time progressed we would have to close hundreds of them….it could wind up laying off 100,000 cops…because they wouldn’t be needed.

  3. Bratton excuses to not hire Black Americans on the NYPD sound like the same excuses my parents encountered during the Jim Crow era ..This is truly offensive and reveals the bigotry of Bratton

  4. The police aren’t paid to be social workers. Foot patrols may look good but are an inefficient use of NYPD resources.

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