13 thoughts on “Rent-Regulated Tenants in Limbo After East Village Gas Explosion

  1. What a joke- someone paying $574 for a FIVE BEDROOM in the EV. Rent stabilization is a complete joke.
    The only solution to affordable housing is to build more market rate apartments.

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  3. yes, I was thinking the same thing 5 bedrooms, give me a break. But Rent Control apartments can be raised, there is a formula to calculate the new rent. At 475, maybe the LL didnt know he could do it. My company owns a building in brooklyn with Rc and RS tenants, and in RC if the rent is below 400, then an additional 15 dollars is tacked on……..I didnt even think they had 5 bedroom apartments in the est village………5 bedrooms????????????

    • Then why not just raise all rent controlled rents to at least $400. We only have one rent controlled unit that pays that much. The rest are 234 and 304 iirc.

      • you can tack on an additional 15 bucks when you raise them since they are below 400. Read the RSA link, it should be able to help you. I hope I helped.

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  5. He’s right that if this was the landlord’s fault, then don’t let them get away with financially benefitting. HOWEVER this is an unjust law AND there are greedy people out there – including dishonest politicians who claim to be pro affordable housing and use the regulated owners as scapegoats for their sleight of hand real estate legislation and when you have a targeted regulated building, you either collude with the tenants in place AND/or you do something deadly to them and call it an accident or make sure the previous owner takes the blame for something like a building collapse – then dollar orders won’t do jack.

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