3 thoughts on “NYCHA Recycling Under Scrutiny

  1. The lack of recycling opportunities at NYCHA developments is one symptom of broader problems there, but also of DSNY and City Hall’s long term lack of interest in modern waste management across the NYC. Sadly, new plans to improve recycling at NYCHA appears to fall short of needs.
    I’m hoping, but not reassured, that the zero waste goal in the OneNYC plan will help the City move beyond the excuses we’ve made for years – and develop an effective plan to reduce, reuse and recycle much more. Our great City lags far behind most others: we generate more waste & deal with it much less efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.
    The first step NYC needs to take is to implement carefully designed monetary incentives to help all residents & businesses generate and discard less waste. NYC also needs to make it much easier for people to do the right thing with waste than must be discarded. The de Blasio administration must also exert greater control over the private waste industry to reduce the negative health and safety impacts it has on communities and its workers.

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  3. Hello, looking to revamp our recycling program by gaining more resident buy in. Any ideas or suggestion you may have will be put to use

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