City Mourns Young Cop’s Death

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Officer Brian Moore


Officer Brian Moore

Police Commissioner William Bratton announced on Monday the death of Police Officer Brian Moore, who was shot on Saturday night in Queens. Moore is the first officer killed in the line of death this year and joins a long list of officers who have been killed in the line of duty since the advent of the NYPD:

Police Officer Moore, Brian (05/04/2015)
Detective Liu, Wenjian (12/20/2014)
Detective Ramos, Rafael (12/20/2014)
Traffic Enforcement Agent Ranasinghe, Kalyanaratne (11/30/2013)
Police Officer Pitone, Francis T. (8/11/2013)
Lieutenant Cioffi, Steven L. (3/5/2013)
Detective Merriweather, Tommy L. (1/21/2013)
Detective Tack-Czajkowski, Traci L. (1/15/2013)
Detective Kristoffersen, John F. (8/25/2012)
Police Officer Becker Jr., Ronald G. (8/19/2012)
Captain Morales, Dennis (7/27/2012)
Sergeant Danza, Garrett S. (7/11/2012)
Sergeant McHugh, Michael J. (7/3/2012)
Lieutenant Pupo, Christopher M. (6/23/2012)
Police Officer Holland, Richard G. (3/23/2012)
Police Officer Denis R. Mclarney (3/1/2012)
Detective Herrmann, Alick W. (12/23/2011)
Detective Peter J. Figoski (12/12/11)
Police Officer Barnes, Karen E. (8/4/2011)
Detective Archer Jr., Fermin S. (7/13/2011)
Detective Ortiz, Edwin (7/4/2011)
Captain Galfano, Barry (6/26/2011)
Police Officer Tom, Martin (6/9/2011)
Police Officer Wong, George (3/24/2011)
Police Officer Alain K. Schaberger (3/13/2011)
Sergeant Smith, Harold (3/5/2011)
Detective First Grade Czartoryski, Kevin (12/5/2010)
Police Officer Ehmer, Robert (11/21/2010)
Police Officer Mahmoud, David (11/11/2010)
Lieutenant Special Assignment McCarthy, Jacqueline (7/5/2010)
Detective Seabrook, Joseph (5/19/2010)
Police Officer Oswain, Robert V. (5/15/2010)
Police Officer Bolusi, Frank M. (1/12/2010)
Lieutenant Ocasio, Carlos J. (11/21/2009)
Police Officer Grossman, Robert C. (10/9/2009)
Detective Diaz, Corey J. (10/7/2009)
Inspector Feser, Donald G. (9/12/2009)
Police Officer Dunbar, Renee (8/25/2009)
Detective Morales, Michael P. (6/10/2009)
Police Officer Jakubowsky, Richard (6/7/2009)
Detective Edwards, Omar J. (5/28/2009)
Police Officer Zane, Robert A. (5/12/2009)
Lieutenant Rex, Gerald D. (3/30/2009)
Lieutenant Mohamed, Brian S. (3/25/2009)
Police Officer Mauro, Vito S. (12/2/2008)
Sergeant Baez, Alex W. (11/22/2008)
Inspector Winter, Richard D. (10/25/2008)
Police Officer Nicosia, Robert (10/10/2008)
Police Officer Mausberg, Gary G. (10/8/2008)
Police Officer McMurry, Christopher S. (8/1/2008)
Sergeant Thompson, Edward D. (3/9/2008)
Detective Holfester, William J. (1/22/2008)
Sergeant Ryan, Michael W. (11/5/2007)
Police Officer Macri, Frank G. (9/3/2007)
Sergeant Hanrahan, Claire T. (8/28/2007)
Police Officer Helmke, Robert B. (7/28/2007)
Police Officer Carlo, Madeline (7/15/2007)
Detective Timoshenko, Russel (7/14/2007)
Detective Hawkins, Kevin G. (5/27/2007)
Detective Williamson, Robert W. (5/13/2007)
Auxiliary Police Officer Pekearo, Nicholas T. (3/14/2007)
Auxiliary Police Officer Marshalik, Eugene (3/14/2007)
Police Officer Johnston, Louise M. (3/6/2007)
Detective Young, John T. (2/19/2007)
Detective Rivera, Roberto L. (1/27/2007)
Police Officer Conroy, Daniel C. (12/3/2006)
Police Officer Ott, Patrice M. (9/8/2006)
Captain Gilpin, Edward C. (9/7/2006)
Police Officer Lee, Kevin M. (1/27/2006)
Police Officer Hennessy, Francis J. (1/10/2006)
Detective James Zadroga (1/5/2006)
Police Officer Peluso, Angelo (5/24/2006)
Detective Adrian, Sandra Y. (1/11/2006)
School Safety Agent Samuels, Vivian A. (12/16/2005)
Detective Enchautegui, Daniel (12/10/2005)
Detective Stewart, Dillon H. (11/28/2005)
Police Officer Weintraub, Ronald E. (11/16/2005)
Police Officer Brophy, Thomas G. (4/21/2005)
Police Officer Godbee, James J. (12/30/2004)
Police Officer Rivera, William (11/24/2004)
Detective Parker, Robert L (9/10/2004)
Detective Rafferty, Patrick H. (9/10/2004)
Sergeant Ferguson, Keith A (1/31/2004)
Detective Weiner Jr., Thomas F. (5/3/2003)
Detective Nemorin, James Verneuil (3/10/2003)
Detective Andrews, Rodney J (3/10/2003)
Police Officer Enton, Disdale O (8/28/2002)
Detective Betancourt, Jaime (3/31/2002)
Police Officer Danz, Vincent G (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Fazio, Robert (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Driscoll, Stephen P (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Pettit, Glen K (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Dominguez, Jerome M (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Smith, Moira A (9/11/2001)
Police Officer D’allara, John (9/11/2001)
Detective Vigiano, Joseph V (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Kloepfer, Ronald P (9/11/2001)
Sergeant Gillis, Rodney C (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Perry, John W (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Leahy, James P (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Talty, Paul (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Langone, Thomas M (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Valentin, Jr., Santos (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Ellis, Mark J (9/11/2001)
Sergeant Curtin, Michael S (9/11/2001)
Sergeant Roy, Timothy A (9/11/2001)
Sergeant Coughlin, John G (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Weaver, Walter E (9/11/2001)
Police Officer McDonnell, Brian G (9/11/2001)
Detective Richards, Claude D (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Suarez, Ramon (9/11/2001)
Police Officer Kelly, John Michael (7/17/2000)
Police Officer Regan, David A (5/28/2000)
Police Officer Dziergowski, Matthew A (2/14/1999)
Police Officer Carter, Gerard L (7/31/1998)
Police Officer Mosomillo, Anthony F (5/26/1998)
Detective Carrington, Sean G (1/19/1998)
Police Officer Forster, Neil A. (12/11/1997)
Police Officer Sanchez, Anthony W (5/19/1997)
Police Officer Davis, Charles A (12/22/1996)
Lieutenant Narvaez, Federico (10/18/1996)
Police Officer Jones, Brian R (10/13/1996)
Police Officer Guidice, Vincent (5/21/1996)
Police Officer Gillespie, Kevin (3/14/1996)
Police Officer Oddo, Charles (2/17/1996)
Police Officer Willis, David A (9/25/1995)
Detective Boesch, Alfred (1/21/1995)
Police Officer Cannon Jr., Raymond R (12/2/1994)
Police Officer Perez, Jose A (4/27/1994)
Police Officer McDonald, Sean A (3/15/1994)
Police Officer DeMutiis, Nicholas R (1/25/1994)
Auxiliary Police Officer Clarke, Milton S. (12/1/1993)
Police Officer Kennedy, William J (10/15/1993)
Police Officer Williamson, John (10/8/1993)
Police Officer Thomas, Rudolph (7/4/1993)
Detective Lopez, Luis R (3/10/1993)
Police Officer Johnson, Milagros T (11/11/1992)
Detective Gunn, William (9/27/1992)
Police Officer Heidelberger, Paul (7/18/1992)
Police Officer Alcamo, Joseph T (3/26/1992)
Auxiliary Police Officer Rosario, Armando (3/25/1992)
Police Officer Serrano, Hilario (1/31/1992)
Sergeant Levine, Keith R (12/28/1991)
Police Officer Fontanez, Hector A (9/12/1991)
Police Officer Hansen, Kenneth M (6/12/1991)
Detective Williams, Keith L (11/13/1989)
Detective Guerzon, Richard J (11/13/1989)
Police Officer Coe, Gary C (11/11/1989)
Police Officer Dwyer, Anthony T (10/17/1989)
Police Officer Chisolm, William L (10/7/1989)
Police Officer Herman, Jeff B (6/2/1989)
Police Officer Machate, Robert E (3/3/1989)
Auxiliary Police Sergeant Faide, Noel R. T. (1/29/1989)
Auxiliary Police Sergeant Cohen, Larry L. (1/29/1989)
Police Officer Hoban, Christopher G (10/18/1988)
Police Officer Buczek, Michael J (10/18/1988)
Detective Galapo, Joseph (8/16/1988)
Police Officer Peaco, Gary (6/16/1988)
Sergeant McCormick, John F (4/27/1988)
Police Officer McLean, Anthony (4/13/1988)
Police Officer Byrne, Edward R (2/26/1988)
Police Officer Venable, Robert (9/22/1987)
Police Officer Parker, Myron (8/20/1987)
Police Officer Scheu, George (7/16/1987)
Detective Miller, Louis L (3/11/1987)
Police Officer Reidy, Michael (1/23/1987)
Police Officer LaSala, Francis (1/10/1987)
Police Officer Britt, Kenton E (11/12/1986)
Police Officer Gadell, Scott A (6/28/1986)
Police Officer Holmes, James (3/23/1986)
Detective Venditti, Anthony J (1/21/1986)
Police Officer Clonan, John F (1/19/1985)
Police Officer Lozada, Irma (9/21/1984)
Police Officer Andino, Juan E (6/15/1984)
Police Officer Ruotolo, Thomas P (2/14/1984)
Police Officer Brown, Angelo (1/31/1984)
Police Officer McCormack, Joseph P (9/29/1983)
Police Officer Hamperian, Joseph (9/22/1983)
Police Officer Rowley, James (7/22/1983)
Police Officer Trojahan, Charles (7/22/1983)
Police Officer Whittington, James N (10/29/1982)
Police Officer Werdann, George J (2/21/1982)
Police Officer Carragher, James (2/11/1982)
Police Officer Abruzzo Jr., Anthony J (12/16/1981)
Lieutenant Brinkers, Jan (5/4/1981)
Police Officer Scarangella, John G (5/1/1981)
Police Officer Walsh, Robert E (1/12/1981)
Police Officer Vitale, Gabriel P (12/24/1980)
Police Officer Dunston, James (11/20/1980)
Police Officer Ryman, Harry R (8/14/1980)
Detective Walton, Abraham (7/14/1980)
Police Officer Keegan, Joseph (6/19/1980)
Police Officer Patwell, John A (6/15/1980)
Police Officer Sorrentino, Robert A (4/24/1980)
Police Officer Smith, Irving (2/29/1980)
Police Officer Calabrese, Seraphin (2/24/1980)
Police Officer Bilodeau, Robert J (2/12/1980)
Police Officer Sledge, Cecil F (1/28/1980)
Police Officer Hopkins, Melvin E (9/15/1979)
Police Officer Fogel, Edwin A (9/9/1979)
Police Officer Schimenti, Thomas (8/17/1979)
Police Officer Russell, Michael D (8/2/1979)
Police Officer Donald, Ted (6/15/1979)
Police Officer Betsch, Robert E (4/30/1979)
Police Officer Manzione, Robert E (1/18/1979)
Police Officer Guttenberg, David (12/28/1978)
Detective Ford, Horace L (11/6/1978)
Police Officer Washington, James (5/29/1978)
Police Officer Masone, Christie (4/2/1978)
Police Officer Cerullo, Norman (4/2/1978)
Police Officer Stapleton, Ronald S (1/3/1978)
Police Officer Flood, William F (12/21/1977)
Police Officer Chiaramonte, Vito (9/26/1977)
Police Officer Nowomlynski, Daniel (9/16/1977)
Detective Taylor, Joseph D (8/29/1977)
Police Officer Mitchell, Edward (7/15/1977)
Detective McDevitt, Henry R (6/26/1977)
Police Officer Mandel, Robert (4/23/1977)
Police Officer Cox, Robert W (3/11/1977)
Police Officer King, Carlos (12/20/1976)
Police Officer Murray, Brian J (9/11/1976)
Sergeant Reddy, Frederick T (9/16/1975)
Police Officer Glover, Andrew (9/16/1975)
Auxiliary Police Sergeant Freed, David (8/31/1975)
Police Officer Rogerson, Robert J (3/5/1975)
Police Officer Bugdin, Frank (2/2/1975)
Police Officer Scala, John P (1/24/1975)
Police Officer Garcia, Joseph (1/20/1975)
Police Officer McConnon, Michael (1/3/1975)
Police Officer Mahon, Kenneth (12/28/1974)
Police Officer Anderson, Bruce S (9/14/1974)
Police Officer Pegues, Thomas V (8/19/1974)
Lieutenant Schmiemann, Henry (6/20/1974)
Police Officer Hurley, Timothy M (3/9/1974)
Police Officer Murphy, Timothy M (1/12/1974)
Police Officer Connolly, Vincent D (12/3/1973)
Police Officer Mead, George (10/10/1973)
Police Officer Stanchi, Ralph (6/17/1973)
Police Officer Thompson, Sid (6/5/1973)
Police Officer Laurenson, Robert (6/2/1973)
Police Officer Wright, Irving (3/5/1973)
Police Officer Gilroy, Stephen R (1/9/1973)
Patrolman Meaders, Joseph (10/22/1972)
Patrolman Skagen, John (6/28/1972)
Patrolman Cardillo, Phillip (4/14/1972)
Detective Capers, William R (4/3/1972)
Patrolman Stroud, Elijah (3/18/1972)
Patrolman Laurie, Rocco (1/27/1972)
Patrolman Foster, Gregory (1/27/1972)
Patrolman Terry, Carson (12/20/1971)
Detective Marshall, Harold (12/7/1971)
Patrolman O’Connor, Patrick J (11/24/1971)
Patrolman Pelo, Arthur (9/25/1971)
Sergeant Morabito, Joseph V (8/26/1971)
Patrolman Nugent, Kenneth A (8/20/1971)
Patrolman Denton, Robert L (7/24/1971)
Patrolman Piagentini, Joseph A (5/21/1971)
Patrolman Jones, Waverly M (5/21/1971)
Detective Lorenzo, Ivan G (5/5/1971)
Detective Thompson, Erle (2/20/1971)
Patrolman Lord, Horace D (2/19/1971)
Detective Picciano, Joseph A (2/15/1971)
Patrolman Bolden, Robert (1/22/1971)
Patrolman Vellotta, Gerald C (1/19/1971)
School Crossing Guard Valdes, Gladys (11/10/1970)
Sergeant Tustin Jr., Henry J (11/9/1970)
Patrolman Murphy, Gerald C (10/22/1970)
Patrolman Erben, Maurice J (10/13/1970)
Patrolman Paolillo, Michael W (9/23/1970)
Patrolman Canavan, Patrick M (9/7/1970)
Patrolman Donadio, Paul V (7/2/1970)
Patrolman Stefane, Lawrence (5/28/1970)
Patrolman Sirvent, Miquel A (5/25/1970)
Patrolman Mariconda, Joseph (3/1/1970)
Patrolman Harrington, Patrick (3/1/1970)
Patrolman Melchiona, Michael (2/28/1970)
Patrolman Spinola, Salvatore (10/2/1969)
Patrolman Keller, Kenneth N (8/31/1969)
Sergeant McGowan, Cornelius P (8/17/1969)
Sergeant Henninger, Edward G (6/9/1969)
Detective Roth, John (4/24/1969)
Detective Eastby, Clifton E (12/30/1968)
Patrolman Pignataro, Joseph D (11/13/1968)
Patrolman Turman, David (10/13/1968)
Patrolman Varecha, John E (10/7/1968)
Patrolman Madden, John J (9/12/1968)
Probationary Patrolman, Danisi Nicolo (7/10/1968)
Patrolman Banks, John (4/15/1968)
Patrolman Augulis, John A (2/24/1968)
Patrolman Graffia, Anthony J (2/19/1968)
Patrolman Dell’Aquilla, Stephen (1/31/1968)
Patrolman Arvanitis, Plato (12/21/1967)
Patrolman Bishop, George H (12/21/1967)
Patrolman Harris, Robert (12/20/1967)
Patrolman Dandridge, James (10/20/1967)
Patrolman Darcy, John J (9/13/1967)
Patrolman Innes, Lloyd (6/16/1967)
Patrolman Ferguson, Walter A (6/15/1967)
Detective Pollins, John D (3/14/1967)
Patrolman Barry, John (1/24/1967)
Detective Jacob, Harold A (1/18/1967)
Patrolman Yglesias, Raul (12/12/1966)
Patrolman Campisi, Anthony F (11/4/1966)
Patrolman Cosgrove, James J (10/8/1966)
Patrolman Levine, Harold (8/12/1966)
Patrolman Monzillo, Edward P (8/2/1966)
Patrolman Stephenson, Willie (7/3/1966)
Patrolman Bannon, John J (5/27/1966)
Patrolman Butch, Stanley (2/11/1966)
Patrolman Shultz, Philip (10/9/1965)
Patrolman Rainey, Donald (9/29/1965)
Patrolman Mercer, Maitland H (7/31/1965)
Detective Donegan, James A (10/15/1964)
Detective Potenza, Salvatore (10/15/1964)
Patrolman Walburger, Henry A (7/27/1964)
Patrolman Polarolo, John F (7/20/1964)
Patrolman Schall, Stanley A (5/6/1964)
Detective Greene, Joseph V (5/3/1964)
Patrolman Schrempf, Edmond G (5/1/1964)
Detective Rolker, Donald (11/27/1963)
Patrolman Donovan Jr., John F (10/1/1963)
Patrolman Baumfeld, William (6/28/1963)
Patrolman Crane, George F (5/29/1963)
Patrolman Cozier, Kenneth L (4/19/1963)
Patrolman Tuohy, John (3/20/1963)
Patrolman Zichettella, Vincent J (2/14/1963)
Detective Arundell, Richard D (2/9/1963)
Detective Tobin, John P (10/29/1962)
Patrolman Byrnes, Robert J (9/4/1962)
Patrolman Panico, Nicholas (8/31/1962)
Detective Fallon, Luke J (5/18/1962)
Detective Finnegan, John P (5/18/1962)
Patrolman Wiloughby, Hugh W (12/14/1961)
Patrolman Gunther, Charles H (11/18/1961)
Patrolman Walsh, Francis X (9/4/1961)
Patrolman Dugo, Robert D (4/13/1961)
Detective Curtin, Philip (10/2/1960)
Patrolman Ramos Jr., William J (6/14/1960)
Patrolman Valenzano, Vito (4/10/1960)
Patrolman Lehr Jr., Anton (3/7/1960)
Sergeant Johnson, Edward J (1/8/1960)
Patrolman Hafner, Harry J (5/11/1959)
Patrolman Forrest, Robert M (3/12/1959)
Patrolman Talkowsky, Michael (1/31/1959)
Patrolman Corn, Herman (6/8/1958)
Detective O’Rourke, Francis X (1/21/1958)
Patrolman Rauchut, Joseph L (11/30/1957)
Patrolman O’leary, Edward J (7/26/1957)
Detective Christman, William F (10/8/1956)
Patrolman Balga, Anthony (9/6/1956)
Patrolman Long, William G (9/2/1956)
Patrolman Lessler, George J (3/17/1956)
Patrolman Bruno, Benny M (1/30/1956)
Patrolman Albanesi, John A (11/8/1955)
Sergeant Wiseman, Donald E (4/25/1955)
Patrolman Reynolds, Andrew J (4/16/1955)
Patrolman Conlon, John (4/6/1955)
Patrolman Norden, Joseph W (12/3/1954)
Patrolman Widder, Harry H (9/25/1953)
Sergeant Starrett, Saul S (9/2/1953)
Patrolman Ergen, Henry (8/4/1953)
Patrolman Katz, Sam (4/6/1953)
Patrolman Pendergrass, John L (4/3/1953)
Patrolman Sheehan, Thomas J (1/16/1953)
Detective LaMonica, Philip A (9/21/1952)
Patrolman McGillion, James J (8/12/1952)
Inspector Boylan, Thomas (4/5/1952)
Sergeant Brooks, Paul E (2/28/1952)
Detective Daggett, James L (9/10/1951)
Patrolman Poltie, Albert P (7/24/1951)
Patrolman Ronan, John J. (6/26/1951)
Patrolman Randolph, Harold K (5/12/1951)
Patrolman O’Connor, Roderick (7/27/1950)
Patrolman Loreto, Alfred (7/21/1950)
Patrolman Balzano, Louis (4/10/1950)
Patrolman Carragher, Edward H (1/13/1950)
Patrolman Connelly, George (8/11/1949)
Patrolman Oetheimer, Anthony E (3/26/1949)
Patrolman Meyer, Charles (5/28/1948)
Patrolman Casey, John J (3/18/1948)
Patrolman Mirell, Julius (3/9/1948)
Patrolman Von Weisenstein, William J (1/21/1948)
Patrolman Brereton, Charles A (9/30/1947)
Patrolman Gargan, Thomas J (8/17/1947)
Patrolman Panczyk, William (7/31/1947)
Patrolman Fitzpatrick, Philip (5/26/1947)
Patrolman Golden, Frank J (5/16/1947)
Patrolman O’Brien, William F (5/2/1947)
Patrolman Chason, Jack (4/4/1947)
Patrolman Paris, Winthrop S (3/11/1947)
Patrolman Schriffries, Harry H (1/17/1947)
Detective Burke, James (12/13/1946)
Patrolman McAuliff, Edward (12/8/1946)
Patrolman Knudsen, Peter J (11/25/1946)
Patrolman O’Hara, Francis M (11/25/1946)
Lieutenant Michie, Charles R (11/25/1946)
Patrolman Hunter, George T (10/12/1946)
Patrolman Brophy, William E J (9/22/1946)
Patrolman Zawoluk, Michael (8/25/1946)
Sergeant Price, Isaac (7/5/1946)
Patrolman Wallace, Benjamin (1/8/1946)
Patrolman McKeon, Francis G (11/17/1945)
Patrolman Bussey, James E (10/28/1945)
Detective McGrath, Frank M (9/27/1945)
Patrolman Hegerich, Howard H (7/30/1945)
Patrolman Szwedowski, Jacob J (4/29/1945)
Patrolman Black, Albert S (3/1/1945)
Det McGinley, Anthony J (12/27/1944)
Patrolman Holmes, Elliote (6/15/1944)
Patrolman Curtis, Joseph E (5/12/1944)
Patrolman Eggers, Arthur F (3/27/1944)
Patrolman Mahoney, Eugene J (2/6/1944)
Patrolman Malone, Patrick J (1/5/1944)
Sergeant McCormick, Matthew (9/19/1943)
Lieutenant Martin, Ralph (7/21/1943)
Patrolman Donovan, James J (3/19/1943)
Patrolman DiMuro, Angelo (1/27/1943)
Patrolman Venturelli, Pasquale J (1/23/1943)
Patrolman Hughes, Christopher J (1/22/1943)
Detective Miccio, Joseph A (12/8/1942)
Patrolman Keane, Michael (7/27/1942)
Patrolman Swoboda, Joseph W (6/22/1942)
Patrolman Rooney, William J (6/20/1942)
Patrolman Casey, Thomas J (12/6/1941)
Patrolman Collins, James P (11/29/1941)
Patrolman Schowers, James A (9/23/1941)
Patrolman King, Harold J (8/22/1941)
Patrolman Sundstrom, Charles G. (8/21/1941)
Patrolman Dixon, Norman K (7/19/1941)
Patrolman Fox, Leon (2/16/1941)
Patrolman Piselli, Daniel L (1/21/1941)
Patrolman Maher, Edward F (1/14/1941)
Patrolman Kussius, Joseph (12/22/1940)
Patrolman Hogan, William J (9/26/1940)
Detective Socha, Ferdinand A (7/4/1940)
Detective Lynch, Joseph J (7/4/1940)
Patrolman Dolan, Francis P (3/16/1940)
Patrolman Holt Jr, John A (2/12/1940)
Patrolman Burns Jr., Thomas J (12/31/1939)
Patrolman Briggs, John P D (12/23/1939)
Patrolman Lonto, Michael J (11/24/1939)
Patrolman Buckner, Anthony E (10/24/1939)
Patrolman Mihlheiser, Clarence (8/28/1939)
Patrolman Stutt, Alexander C (6/9/1939)
Patrolman Cassidy, Emmett (6/6/1939)
Patrolman Moreno, Nicholas C (5/23/1939)
Patrolman Holstein, William J (5/9/1939)
Patrolman Cooper, Victor O (11/23/1938)
Patrolman Clark, Clarence C (11/23/1938)
Patrolman Hanke, Martin A (10/18/1938)
Patrolman Smith, Percy (10/3/1938)
Patrolman Padian, Harry J (7/17/1938)
Patrolman Favata, Angelo E (7/11/1938)
Patrolman Howarth, Arthur (7/9/1938)
Patrolman Smith, Warren D. (6/13/1938)
Patrolman Fisher, James (6/3/1938)
Patrolman Williams, Melvin (5/31/1938)
Patrolman Hackett, Thomas (5/4/1938)
Patrolman Moruzzi, Humbert (4/17/1938)
Patrolman Masterson, Henry F (2/25/1938)
Sergeant Kilpatrick, David (1/28/1938)
Patrolman Roos, Edward (1/27/1938)
Patrolman Zaccor, Frank E (1/15/1938)
Patrolman Tornatore, Anthony V (1/9/1938)
Patrolman Lynch, Edward P (12/7/1937)
Patrolman Pierson, George W (11/8/1937)
Detective DeMarrais Jr., Arthur J (11/7/1937)
Patrolman Wilson, John H A (9/23/1937)
Patrolman Bosworth, John (8/11/1937)
Detective Astel, Isadore (8/11/1937)
Patrolman McBreen, Joseph J (8/11/1937)
Patrolman Mahnken, George C (6/26/1937)
Detective Foley, Michael J (4/10/1937)
Patrolman Sullivan, Daniel (4/6/1937)
Patrolman Smith, James (12/20/1936)
Patrolman McCormack, Richard J (8/26/1936)
Patrolman Gallagher, Lawrence R (7/14/1936)
Patrolman Kraft, Jacob (5/8/1936)
Sergeant Gayne, William J. (4/20/1936)
Patrolman Sheares, Leroy J (4/18/1936)
Patrolman Pasquarella, Dioniso P (3/15/1936)
Patrolman Young, James I (2/12/1936)
Patrolman Beyer, Daniel P (1/20/1936)
Patrolman Reiner, Joseph P (12/25/1935)
Patrolman Dowling, James (12/24/1935)
Captain McHale, Richard (10/24/1935)
Patrolman Burns, Thomas L (8/6/1935)
Patrolman Nadler, George (2/1/1935)
Patrolman Hopkins, John J (1/20/1935)
Patrolman Killion, James J (1/18/1935)
Patrolman Monahan, John P (12/3/1934)
Patrolman Fraser, John J (9/28/1934)
Patrolman Haucke, Herbert A. (6/16/1934)
Patrolman Morrissey, John J (5/14/1934)
Patrolman Ward, Lawrence A (5/6/1934)
Patrolman Rassmusen, Arthur P (5/5/1934)
Detective Garvey, James J (4/21/1934)
Patrolman Clarius, Philip (3/15/1934)
Patrolman Misischia, Joseph (1/23/1934)
Patrolman McCarron, Ernest F (1/7/1934)
Patrolman Wiendieck, Louis G (12/13/1933)
Patrolman Costa, Peter J (11/25/1933)
Sergeant Monahan, Eugene (2/4/1933)
Patrolman Murphy, Walter E (1/7/1933)
Patrolman Gerhard, George L (12/14/1932)
Patrolman Grattan, John H (12/9/1932)
Patrolman Moroso, Michael J (12/8/1932)
Patrolman Fink, John W J (10/15/1932)
Patrolman Farrell, Charles L (9/23/1932)
Patrolman DeCarlo, Peter F (9/3/1932)
Patrolman Burke, Joseph P (6/18/1932)
Patrolman Burns, James J (6/4/1932)
Sergeant Werdann, Theodore F (5/12/1932)
Patrolman Kelly, Joseph A. (4/17/1932)
Patrolman Morrissey, James A (4/15/1932)
Patrolman Myers, George L (3/22/1932)
Patrolman Goodwin, James R (2/15/1932)
Patrolman Walsh, John (1/21/1932)
Patrolman Kranz, John (1/2/1932)
Sergeant Madigan, Thomas (11/3/1931)
Patrolman Peterson, Howard L (11/1/1931)
Detective Pessagano, Guido J (10/19/1931)
Patrolman Eberhardt, William F (9/15/1931)
Sergeant Murphy, Timothy (9/14/1931)
Patrolman Webb, Walter J (8/21/1931)
Patrolman Churchill, Edwin V (8/21/1931)
Detective DeGive, William H (6/28/1931)
Sergeant O’Shaughnessy, William H (6/9/1931)
Patrolman O’Connor, William (5/19/1931)
Patrolman Ringhauser, John (5/7/1931)
Patrolman Hoey, John (5/4/1931)
Patrolman Sherry, Benard J (5/2/1931)
Patrolman Doyle, Patrick J. (4/4/1931)
Patrolman Byrnes, Frank J. (3/14/1931)
Patrolman Flanagan, James J (3/12/1931)
Detective Scheuing, Christopher W (2/19/1931)
Patrolman Conway, Harold (1/31/1931)
Patrolman McMahon, James F (12/23/1930)
Patrolman Barrows, Howard (12/21/1930)
Patrolman Senk, Walter (11/22/1930)
Patrolman Vorden, William T (11/15/1930)
Patrolman Weidig, Charles (11/8/1930)
Detective Bloomfield, Harry (8/9/1930)
Patrolman Caviglia, Dominick (7/28/1930)
Detective Hill, Thomas E (7/28/1930)
Patrolman Fields, Wilson A (6/26/1930)
Patrolman Mitchell, Patrick (6/20/1930)
Patrolman Duncan, William J (5/17/1930)
Patrolman Harnett, Thomas L (4/2/1930)
Patrolman DeCastillia, Walter O (3/15/1930)
Patrolman Scott, Joseph F (3/11/1930)
Patrolman Coughlin, Richard J (2/24/1930)
Probationary Patrolman Keenan, Edward P (2/23/1930)
Patrolman Miller, George A (2/12/1930)
Patrolman O’Brien, Maurice D (1/30/1930)
Patrolman Shafer, Paul J (1/7/1930)
Patrolman Grossberger, George (12/31/1929)
Patrolman Jockel, Joseph T (12/28/1929)
Patrolman Speer, Michael J (12/23/1929)
Patrolman Morrissey, Philip F (12/10/1929)
Patrolman Lyons, Robert J. (11/23/1929)
Patrolman Kirkegard, Christian L (11/20/1929)
Patrolman Duffy, John J (11/16/1929)
Patrolman Saver, Charles A (10/19/1929)
Patrolman McCaffrey, William J (10/3/1929)
Patrolman Kertin, William A (7/28/1929)
Patrolman Schmelter, William (4/14/1929)
Patrolman McLean Wood, Andrew (4/12/1929)
Patrolman Bruden, Albert (1/11/1929)
Patrolman Behnstedt, Henry C (11/5/1928)
Patrolman Wallace, Thomas J (10/9/1928)
Patrolman Stoffel, William J (10/8/1928)
Patrolman Gibbons, John D (10/4/1928)
Patrolman Brosnan, Jeremiah C (9/13/1928)
Patrolman Dursee, Joseph F (8/25/1928)
Sergeant Barry, James A (8/7/1928)
Patrolman Fash, Arthur C (8/4/1928)
Patrolman Hubbard, John L (2/28/1928)
Patrolman Fahey, Patrick (1/31/1928)
Patrolman Kelly, William E (1/31/1928)
Lieutenant Kemmer, Charles J (12/22/1927)
Patrolman DeLorenzo, Jerome (9/18/1927)
Patrolman Meyer, Henry E.A (9/16/1927)
Patrolman Goddy, William (8/7/1927)
Patrolman Allen, Hubert (8/5/1927)
Patrolman Grennan, Andrew (6/28/1927)
Sergeant Weckesser, Joseph (6/16/1927)
Sergeant Cantor, Benjamin (6/4/1927)
Patrolman Wahl, Walter T (5/23/1927)
Detective Borkin, Morris (5/17/1927)
Patrolman McDermott, John J. (3/22/1927)
Patrolman Farrell, Harry J (3/4/1927)
Patrolman Masterson, James H (1/31/1927)
Patrolman Daszkiewicz, Frank A (11/22/1926)
Patrolman Byrns, Edward T (11/19/1926)
Detective Singer, John M (8/11/1926)
Patrolman Murphy, Frank (8/8/1926)
Patrolman Oehlerking, Oscar H.A. (8/6/1926)
Patrolman Reilly, Charles H (4/5/1926)
Patrolman Kenney, Arthur J (4/2/1926)
Patrolman Higgins, William (3/18/1926)
Patrolman White, Frank (2/10/1926)
Patrolman McPhillips, Stephen (12/20/1925)
Patrolman Singer, Charles J. (10/27/1925)
Patrolman Sheehan, David (8/22/1925)
Detective Heneberry, Richard M (8/6/1925)
Patrolman Cullen, James (6/11/1925)
Patrolman Godfrey, Charles L (5/12/1925)
Patrolman Kelly, Thomas (4/17/1925)
Patrolman Ormsby, Harold (2/27/1925)
Patrolman Harlow, Maurice F (2/22/1925)
Detective Hagan, Chester A (2/14/1925)
Patrolman Shine, Michael (1/10/1925)
Patrolman Pelosi, Joseph (12/8/1924)
Patrolman Honanhan, John A (11/5/1924)
Sergeant Gibbons, Neil (10/19/1924)
Patrolman McGlyn, John J. (10/18/1924)
Patrolman Blumburg, Harry (8/22/1924)
Patrolman Thomas, Frederick (8/14/1924)
Patrolman Hyland, John J (7/26/1924)
Detective Connell, Timothy J (7/12/1924)
Detective Grottano, Bernardino (5/26/1924)
Patrolman Gaffney, Thomas (3/2/1924)
Patrolman Schneider, John A (1/13/1924)
Patrolman Van Cleaf, Alfred A (12/04/1923)
Patrolman Swider, Ale (11/1/1923)
Patrolman Egan, John E (9/1/1923)
Patrolman Leonard, Thomas J. (8/25/1923)
Patrolman Romanella, Frank E (7/26/1923)
Patrolman Reynolds Jr, Charles J (7/26/1923)
Patrolman Platt, Cornelius (6/17/1923)
Patrolman Gill, William B. (5/27/1923)
Patrolman Endress, Philip H (4/24/1923)
Detective Baker, Francis P (4/22/1923)
Patrolman O’Connor, John J. (3/18/1923)
Patrolman Reilly, Joseph P (2/16/1923)
Detective Donohue, John T (2/16/1923)
Patrolman Mace, Francis (12/11/1922)
Patrolman Kennedy, John (12/3/1922)
Patrolman Shine, Thomas J. (11/12/1922)
Patrolman Hoffman, Charles (11/12/1922)
Sergeant McIntyre, Peter J. (10/10/1922)
Lieutenant Duffy, Albert L (8/2/1922)
Patrolman Loewe, Arthur (7/22/1922)
Patrolman Mundo, Frank S (7/14/1922)
Detective Moriarty, John J (7/2/1922)
Patrolman Deans, William (6/24/1922)
Patrolman Hay, Douglas W (5/18/1922)
Patrolman Pohndorf, Henry L (5/10/1922)
Patrolman Baker, James R (3/28/1922)
Patrolman McMail, John H (3/15/1922)
Patrolman Motz, Otto M (1/19/1922)
Detective Buckley, Francis J.M. (1/6/1922)
Detective Miller, William A (1/5/1922)
Patrolman Reuschle, Joseph A (9/28/1921)
Patrolman Cavanagh, Walter M. (9/16/1921)
Patrolman Neville, Daniel J (8/27/1921)
Patrolman Potter, Charles D (7/22/1921)
Patrolman Conk, John H (5/3/1921)
Patrolman Connelly, Joseph L (3/27/1921)
Patrolman Smith, George (2/20/1921)
Detective Bridgetts, Joseph J (2/17/1921)
Patrolman Sheridan, John (2/14/1921)
Patrolman Wallis, Joseph C. (1/1/1921)
Lieutenant Horton, Floyd (12/16/1920)
Patrolman Grennan, Daniel J (12/9/1920)
Detective Fitzpatrick, John E (5/20/1920)
Patrolman Immen, Henry (2/21/1920)
Patrolman McIntyre, John (11/19/1919)
Patrolman Hughes, James (11/19/1919)
Patrolman McCormack, John J (11/10/1919)
Patrolman Tierney, Christopher J. (9/20/1919)
Detective Maher, James S. (7/27/1919)
Patrolman Carbonell, Emil (5/23/1919)
Patrolman Gilbert, Thomas (11/18/1918)
Patrolman Barrett, William (8/26/1918)
Patrolman Nolan, Joseph A (6/26/1918)
Detective Quinn, John J (2/16/1918)
Patrolman Rosenfeld, Samuel T (2/13/1918)
Patrolman Holmes, Robert H (8/6/1917)
Patrolman Flood, John P (7/3/1917)
Patrolman Cunningham, Samuel T (6/19/1917)
Patrolman Beresford, Thomas H (5/21/1917)
Patrolman Swanton, Richard (3/16/1917)
Patrolman Fredenburg, DeForest (3/10/1917)
Patrolman Lober, John (3/10/1917)
Patrolman Boyland, Ralph H (2/21/1917)
Patrolman McKiernan, Hugh (12/5/1916)
Patrolman Schwartz, Henry H (5/30/1916)
Patrolman McAuliffe, William (3/18/1916)
Patrolman Gaffney, Joseph M (1/11/1916)
Patrolman Webster, Rush A. (6/20/1915)
Patrolman Lehane, Edmond (12/15/1914)
Sergeant Hodgins, John E. (10/7/1914)
Patrolman Mee, John (7/15/1914)
Patrolman Kiley, Michael J (5/4/1914)
Detective Guarnieri, Joseph (4/2/1914)
Patrolman Wynn, Thomas (3/31/1914)
Patrolman Murtha, Edward A (2/6/1914)
Sergeant McNierney, Joseph M (10/3/1913)
Probationary Patrolman Cotter, Patrick (8/4/1913)
Patrolman O’Rourke, Bernard (8/1/1913)
Patrolman Burns, Eugene (5/5/1913)
Patrolman Teare, Charles J (5/3/1913)
Probationary Patrolman Heaney, William B (5/3/1913)
Patrolman Fitzsimons, Peter (11/1/1912)
Patrolman O’Connell, Thomas E (6/17/1912)
Patrolman Lynch, Michael (7/1/1911)
Patrolman Mangen, James F (10/26/1910)
Patrolman Fish, Artemas L (5/9/1909)
Lieutenant Petrosino, Joseph (3/12/1909)
Patrolman Smith, Thomas (2/27/1909)
Patrolman Loughman, John (1/27/1908)
Patrolman Fitzgerald, Robert J (1/11/1908)
Patrolman Kavanagh, Edward J (11/14/1907)
Patrolman Sheehan, Eugene S (10/22/1907)
Patrolman Selleck, Alfred A (4/16/1907)
Patrolman Sechler, George M (4/14/1907)
Patrolman Hedeman, William F (7/29/1906)
Patrolman Eagan, John (1/29/1905)
Patrolman Kinne, Ira D. (1/17/1905)
Patrolman Devens, James W. (11/25/1904)
Patrolman Kavanagh, John (11/9/1904)
Patrolman Cushing, Patrick K. (10/28/1904)
Patrolman Enright, Hugh J (3/20/1904)
Patrolman Redican, Frank J (12/6/1903)
Detective Sheridan, John J. (7/16/1902)
Patrolman Fitzpatrick, Thomas J (1/31/1901)
Patrolman Mullin, Edward J (1/31/1901)
Patrolman Baumeister, William (11/30/1900)
Patrolman Horn, Charles L. (10/8/1900)
Patrolman Thorpe, Robert J. (8/13/1900)
Patrolman Meagher, Thomas F (4/27/1899)
Patrolman Buschman, Henry F (10/8/1898)
Patrolman Schneider, August (8/26/1898)
Patrolman Lincoln, Frederick H. (1/18/1898)
Patrolman McDonnell, Simon P. (12/7/1897)
Patrolman Smith, Frederick (10/26/1897)
Roundsman Reinhardt, Oscar (4/24/1897)
Patrolman McIntyre, Thomas R (9/23/1896)
Doorman Bailey, Daniel (9/5/1896)
Patrolman Delehanty, John T. (9/25/1895)
Patrolman Gleason, Thomas (9/5/1893)
Detective Carey, John (11/3/1892)
Patrolman Nichol, Robert B. (5/1/1892)
Patrolman Sherman, John J (9/1/1891)
Patrolman Clancy, John J. (9/1/1890)
Patrolman Brennan, James (10/28/1888)
Patrolman Treanor, Patrick J. (10/31/1887)
Roundsman Montgomery, Robert A. (1/11/1887)
Patrolman North, James (8/21/1885)
Patrolman Mallon, Francis (5/4/1883)
Roundsman Comisky, Richard (3/11/1883)
Patrolman Heaviside, William (1/18/1883)
Roundsman Gallagher, Thomas (11/6/1882)
Patrolman Norton, Thomas J. (12/19/1881)
Patrolman Stone,, James M. (4/1/1880)
Patrolman Furness, Asa H (12/29/1878)
Patrolman McKeon, Patrick (12/5/1876)
Sergeant McGiven, James (7/24/1876)
Patrolman Scott, Edward (7/6/1876)
Patrolman Evers, Thomas (11/8/1874)
Patrolman Burns, Edward L (12/1/1873)
Patrolman Donohue, John (7/7/1872)

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2 thoughts on “City Mourns Young Cop’s Death

    • This is gruesome math, but in the first 16 months and change of Mayor de Blasio’s term, three officers have indeed been tragically been killed in the line of duty. In the first 16 months and change of Mayor Bloomberg’s term, two officers were shot and killed in the line of duty, another died of a brain aneurysm while chasing a suspect and a fourth was stabbed by his girlfriend while off duty. The horror of what happened to 25-year-old Brian Moore could be used as a cheap political talking point, or it could be seen as part of something larger and more honorable. I’ll pick the latter.

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