7 thoughts on “The NYPD has More Police Officers Than 45 States

  1. On a daily basis in Tribeca, we have Harley Davidson motorcycles riding on the sidewalk weaving in between pedestrians. On a daily basis, we have 100’s of out of state Chartered Tour buses violating all moving and parking laws. They never pay the Muni-Meters and never get tickets. It’s hard to know the reason – police shortage, specific training or directive.

  2. Blahhh haha.. Comparing NYPD.? When your involved in a traffic accident (approximately 500 per day), go into labor, have a domestic or neighbor dispute, the victim of a shooting /stabbing, unable to locate your missing toddler, you don’t call ICE, TSA, ATF, or the military. NYC dispatchers receive millions of 911 calls & your questioning the size of the Force? What solutions to public safety & emergencies have you discovered? Please enlighten us.

    • The number of crime-in-progress calls to the NYPD has dropped by 20,000 in the past two years. There just aren’t as many emergencies as you imagine. Cops do a tremendous job, but they’re expensive, and it has sometimes seemed like police leaders didn’t know how to productively use all that person-power (remember the black-bag sting of Ray Kelly days?). Plus, keep in mind that the debate that prompted this article was about augmenting the force, not reducing it.

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