4 thoughts on “The Limits of Protection: Fighting the Fear of ACS

  1. Good after noon my man is Joanna morales my number is 646-428-4718I’m a single mom of 5 I have a daughter who is 11 years old now since 2014 the hosiptal been doing multiple surgeries on her . In march 2017 when I got a second option from another doctor my daughter got amitted once I stated questioning the previous doctors that’s when hosiptal Social worker called acs on me say I have munchausen by poxy disorder. Hosiptal staff made many lies on me acs remove my 5 kids and separated 4 the hosiptal social worker Also stated that the doctors was force to do all these multiple surgeries on my daughter cause I told them to do witch is a lie please help me the brought presidents office Eric L Adams is also tryin to help me along with Yamisky Crisostomo she can be reach at [Editor’s note: number omitted] please help me get my kids back and clear my name I contacted many laywers some said the Hosiptal have maybe done Mail practice and are now tryin to cover them self by sayin I have a by poxy disorder

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  2. I understand the need to have ACS in order to protect our children just like we have Police departments to protect us citizens. But it must be understood these officers and ACS workers are just human beings like us and they are prone to making mistakes and doing bad things themselves. Now the Police department has a force to investigate any wrong doing which is called Internal Affairs but who watches over ACS workers and makes sure they don’t abuse their power? A lot of ACS workers that I encountered were down right nasty.Their behavior was appalling and threatening and I had no one to tell me whether or not my rights were being violated. Even to this day, a little over 3 years after my child was removed from my care I still live in fear of ACS. I still don’t know my rights and when I ask my lawyer she provides very little assistance. I don’t ever see the judge say anything when they don’t do their job and it often seems like no matter what I am held responsible even when I’m not at fault. If anyone can provide resources where I can educate myself on my rights as a parent/human being when dealing with ACS that would be much appreciated. No matter what you struggle with the road back to health is hard enough without being antagonized by people who are supposed to help you.

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