One thought on “UrbaNERD: On Broadband and Race, Cops and Suicide

  1. I think one of the biggest problems is having no wifi or modern technology at NY State Department of Labor offices. Staff are no trained well to address workforce development in areas of need. Lack of technology and lack of knowledgeable staff is showcased in these offices on a daily basis. Good luck if you have a degree and would like to get help in the DOL or any of the workforce offices. Staff have no clue to job creation or relations with fortune 500 companies or any businesses and staff are not following hiring trends and just don’t have a clue. It would be great if Citylimits would research this topic since former Assembly Rivera should probably fire himself and his staff for not returning phone calls on the topic or addressing how awful the state offices are. In addition, no funding has been allocated by Cuomo.

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