The Education of Clinton Hill

Walk down Fulton Street in Brooklyn and you might find some people who have a lot to say about hip-hop and its cultural significance. Captured in a vivid spray of colors, these folk have been immortalized in the murals of African-American artist Brett Dizney-Cook.

Chasing Morgan

New York’s community development groups have been eyeing with trepidation the current merger between New York financial mammoths Chase Manhattan Bank and J.P. Morgan.

Buildings Department Burnout

A Queens building that burned to the ground in a catastrophic fire in early December was the site of extensive renovations that were being done without proper permits from the city Department of Buildings.

Closed Books

It’s no secret that New York’s librarians are underpaid. But when four libraries shut down on the same Saturday, Bronx kids learned why low salaries hurt more than just librarians.

Separated at Birt

If there’s one time babies need to be with their mothers, it’s in the crucial weeks right after birth. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when foster care forces them apart.

Borough Precedent, Part 2 of 2

She’s got allies in the Queens political machine. She should be a shoo-in for powerful black endorsements. But if Helen Marshall wants to be the first black borough president of Queens, she’s going to need all the friends she can get.

Loan Injustice, Part 2 of 2

Over a year after uncovering the HUD loan scandal in Harlem, City Limits tells the story behind the recent indictments–and how the government lets mortgage lenders run away with the bank.