The Last Resort

Although single room occupancy hotels and their residents have long been part of the Rockaway Park landscape, local homeowners and renters have enlisted the city’s help to push them out.

Empty Promises, Part 1 of 2

More than a year ago, City Limits exposed a federally funded outrage: the milking of Harlem real estate for quick cash. The scheme has left dozens of shoddy buildings in limbo-and stuck HUD with a disputed $50 million-plus bill.

Field of Queens

The Metropolitan Oval, a dusty patch of soccer heaven in Maspeth, has brought true fans together for decades.

Class Consciousness

Asset management classes aren’t just for yuppies: Bedford-Stuyvesant residents learn the ropes on investing, retirement accounts and homeownership.

Low-rent, High-tec

Battle lines for the new economy are being drawn in the South Bronx, of all places, as a building that has housed woodworking shops for years is being rewired with T-1 internet lines.

Caviar Dreams

The name Beluga Caviar usually brings to mind the finer things in life, not a rat-infested basement, cigarette-strewn hallways, and days on end without electricity, hot water or heat.

Store of Knowledge

Bed-Stuy’s residents say there’s a growing sense of community in this neighborhood, and part of that may be due to Brownstone, the community’s 4-month-old bookstore.