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If there’s one thing we all need more of, it’s time. Time to get all that work done. And we know from our own work here at City Limits that getting our hands on the information we need–quickly–is one of the best ways to save precious time.

We’re betting there’s information–industry news, government documents, service referrals, potential project partners–you would like to have more quickly.

Where do you get information quick nowadays? You guessed it. On the web. City Limits wants to be your home page, the first place you go, whether you’re doing client research at work, organizing a rally from home or checking out the latest job listings from your local library.

And maybe you would like other stuff, too. Stuff that’s more fun. Like party and benefit listings. Cool photos to hang in your office. Or maybe even a gossip column…

Last year, we set out to do a major redesign of our website at www.citylimits.org, and we’re already halfway there. The plan is to go live this spring with a site that can easily be searched, featuring all back articles of both City Limits magazine and City Limits Weekly. We will also have more events listings, giving you the heads–up on interesting things to do–as far in advance as possible. You will get links to reports, documents and groups featured in our news articles and research material. And we will have more jobs, posted more frequently, for all of you looking to move up in the world.

Now all we need is for you to tell us what to do next.

We need help to determine what new research, editorial content and information you need from us. In other words, we need to know what your problem is.

Is there a problem you come up against again and again that a little number-crunching or sleuthing from us could help you solve? Is there information we can help you find…. A rundown on salaries in your sector? A guide for tracking down your local slumlords? A place to find other groups doing the same work you are? You probably have stumpers we can’t even imagine–and that’s why we need your help in order to come up with solutions.

This brief questionnaire will take only a few minutes to fill out–and it will tell us what you want from the web!

Please take a minute right now…and sign up to participate in our upcoming reader survey. Please e-mail your request to citylimits@citylimits.org and let us know whether you would prefer the print or the web-based version. Your survey should arrive in two weeks.

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