Bad Banking

GreenPoint Bank investigated for allegedly engaging in a high-risk loan policy that leads to excessive foreclosures and hurts low-income tenants.

Water Fight

One of the state’s most respected environmentalists has issued a scathing report that questions the city’s ability to safeguard its water supply.

City Lit: To Market, To Market?

A book review of The Inner City: Urban Poverty and Economic Development in the Next Century, edited by Thomas D. Boston and Catherine L. Ross, Transaction Publishers, 1997, 357 pages, $24.95.

Lone Ranger No More

For decades the Regional Plan Association padded the corridors of power and flexed muscle for its sweeping visions of regional development. But now the group must court communities if it wants to see its latest plan take wing.

Finding Factory Funding

Investment from the city’s municipal and union pension funds could help spark a revival of New York’s beleaguered manufacturing base, but try telling that to City Hall.

Courting Calamity

The tenants supposedly won the rent wars last summer. But a pair of landlord-bonanza Housing Court laws whisked quietly through Albany could result in 33,000 new evictions next year.

Central Holding

Alternative-to-incarceration programs reform criminals, save money and open up prison cells for more dangerous felons. So why has the city created a new screening process?