Bay Street

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The Department of City Planning is in the midst of the environmental review required before a proposed rezoning of this key Staten Island artery.



De Blasio Says Staten Island Can Develop Without Losing Its Identity

At a town hall near the footprint of the proposed Bay Street rezoning, the mayor tried to strike a balance between acknowledging concerns about development and extolling its virtues.

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Confusion and Worry Over Whether School Seats Will Keep Up With De Blasio Rezonings

Community advocates have been at odds with the city over whether the rezonings will create deeper needs for classroom seats than the city’s school-building plans accommodate.

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Bid to Protect and Promote Art as Staten Island Rezoning Nears

A thriving art scene has developed where history, water and culture meet on the borough’s North Shore.

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Eight Things Developers Think About De Blasio’s Rezoning Strategy

We asked nine developers about rezonings, displacement and how they would solve the affordability crisis.

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