4 thoughts on “Council Approves Bay Street Rezoning, the Sixth Under De Blasio’s Housing Plan

  1. This is ill-advised. Unlike other parts of the City, this rezoning generated de minimus community improvements: schools were already in the works, and the Cromwell Center was very specifically NOT a part of the plan, with money already allocated. “Affordable” is a very relative term – these will be affordable to people coming in from out of the community. Insufficient allocation for people on limited incomes, e.e. seniors, persons with disabilities. No matter how hard they try, Staten Island has no chance of becoming the next Williamsburg.

  2. Staten Island doesn’t want to become the next Williamsburg. We like being left alone in our quiet safe borough. Debi Rose let diBlasio walk all over her. Adding 6,000 people will overburden the north shore’s ancient infrastructure.

  3. Recyccled promises, no new transportation, no new roads, no assurances of day to day commercial businesses- another win for real estate developers. These are weak or non exixtent trade offs for some minimal housing gains. Denser residential zoning only puts greater demand on an ancient infrastructure that hasn’t been changed since I was a kid in the 1960’s.

    • ‘…ancient infrastructure that hasn’t been changed since I was a kid in the 1960’s…’

      The infrastructure is way older than that! I live on the east shore and we have ‘new’ Staten Island water mains – they were installed in 1923!

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