It’s Election Day in NYC. Who’s On the Ballot?

In Tuesday’s general election, there are 35 City Council races with more than one candidate on the ballot, as well as contests for Queens District Attorney, Civil Court, Surrogate and Supreme Court judges, and two proposals that would amend the state constitution in relation to debt limits.

Where NYC’s Council Candidates Stand on Key Housing Issues

As the city faces dual affordable housing and homelessness crises, City Limits asked the candidates’ running in Tuesday’s primary for their stance on a number of key related issues. Are they a renter or a landlord? Do they support the idea of “member deference” on local land use votes? What’s the best route for funding repairs at NYCHA?

Preliminary maps of new City Council district boundaries

SEE IT: Your Proposed New NYC Council District

The 15-member NYC Districting Commission released a set of preliminary maps this month for the public to review, updating Council districts to reflect population changes based off the 2020 Census ahead of the City Council elections next year. See how would your current City Council district change under the proposal.