Focusing on investment partnerships and empowering teens through public service journalism.

A view of the Manhattan skyline and the East River.

Adi Talwar

The Manhattan skyline.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Fran Reilly as Co-Executive Director alongside Marjorie W. Martay, leading City Limits into the future during these challenging times for local news, and at a critical juncture for advancing housing equity in New York City.

Reilly’s extensive experience as a strategy and development consultant for City Limits this past year, along with her previous role as Executive Director from 2015-2020, makes her an invaluable partner. Her expertise will be focused on cultivating strategic investment partnerships, leading the expansion of CLARIFY NEWS—a City Limits program that empowers teens through public service journalism—and launching a capital campaign culminating in the celebration of City Limits’ 50th Anniversary in 2026.

By working together, Martay and Reilly will ensure City Limits is well-positioned to serve the community for another 50 years. Reflecting on Reilly’s expanded role, Executive Director Marjorie W. Martay said, “I’m absolutely delighted to join forces with Fran to take City Limits to even greater heights, amplifying our impact and making a lasting difference in our community.”

About City Limits
Founded in 1976, City Limits provides in-depth, investigative coverage of city policy with a focus on housing, homelessness, land use, climate resiliency and more. In addition to award-winning reporting, City Limits has since 2015 operated CLARIFY NEWS, a City Limits program empowering teens through public service journalism. The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by reader donations, ads, and foundations.