While the majority of primary winners are Democrats who will not have challengers in the fall, Republican and third-party candidates are running in a handful of races, including the Staten Island borough president’s election and Council contests in Districts 15,19, 23, 24, 32 and 50.

Rob Bennett/Mayor’s Office

The city Board of Elections voted Tuesday to certify almost all of the returns in the June 22 primary elections, including the races for mayor, public advocate, and comptroller. 

But BOE officials say hand recounts are legally necessary in two City Council primaries—the Democratic race in Council District 9 and the Republican contest in 50th District. In both races, the final margin of victory was less than 0.5 percent, which mandates a recount under New York election law, according to the BOE. 

It’s not clear yet when results from both races will be certified, a BOE spokesperson told City Limits on Tuesday. In Harlem’s District 9, incumbent Councilmember Bill Perkins is facing a challenge from artist and activist Kristin Richardson Jordan. In District 50 on Staten Island, David Carr, chief of staff to the current Councilmember Steven Matteo, is neck-and-neck against former Marine Marko Kepi.

Ahead of the November general election, the slate of primary victors is one of the most diverse ever: For the first time, a woman, Councilmember Vanessa Gibson, will likely be borough president in the Bronx. She would also be the first Black person elected to the role.

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Similar “firsts” could take place at the Council level, where women will very likely hold a majority of Council seats after the general elections. Voters are likely to elect the first Muslim woman to the Council in November: Shahana Hanif, who won the Democratic primary in Brooklyn’s District 39. And Crystal Hudson, victor in the competitive Democratic primary contest in incumbent Laurie Cumbo’s Crown Heights district, has a very strong chance of becoming the first openly gay Black woman to be elected to the City Council.

While the majority of primary winners are Democrats who are not facing challenges in the fall, Republican and third-party candidates are running in a handful of races, including the Staten Island borough president’s election and Council contests in Districts 15,19, 23, 24, 32 and 50. 

Primary winners below.


Eric Adams (Democratic); Curtis Sliwa (Republican)

Public Advocate

Jumaane Williams (D)


Brad Lander (D)

Bronx Borough President

Vanessa L. Gibson (D)

Brooklyn Borough President

Antonio Reynoso (D)

Manhattan Borough President

Mark D. Levine (D)

Queens Borough President

Donovan J. Richards Jr. (D)

Staten Island Borough President

Mark S. Murphy (D); Vito Fossella (R)

City Council

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1st Council District: Christopher Marte (D)

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2nd Council District: Carlina Rivera (D)

Carlina Rivera to Face Sole Challenger for Lower Manhattan Seat

3rd Council District: Erik D. Bottcher (D)

Race heats up to fill Corey Johnson’s council seat

5th Council District: Julie Menin (D)

First-time candidates and government veterans face off for New York’s UES

6th Council District: Gale A. Brewer (D)

Brewer Joins Candidate Forum as City Council District 6 Race Heats Up

7th Council District: Shaun Abreu (D)

It’s crowded in the race for the City Council District 7 seat 

8th Council District: Diana Ayala (D)

Four Candidates Vie For City’s 8th District, One Seeks Re-election

9th Council District: The BOE said on Tuesday that the primary for the 9th Council District, which includes Harlem, will be subject to a hand recount. Here’s the latest from City Limits.

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10th Council District: Carmen N. De La Rosa (D)

Eight Candidates Compete for Upper Manhattan Council District Battered By Pandemic

11th Council District: Eric Dinowitz (D)

West Bronx Council Race: Will Higher Turnout Drown Out a Famous Name?

12th Council District: Kevin Riley (D)

One of the Council’s Newest Members Faces a Veteran Challenger and a New Voice

13th Council District: Marjorie Velazquez (D)

Five Candidates Face Off for Newly-Open Council Seat in East Bronx’s District 13

14th Council District: Pierina Ana Sanchez (D)

14th City Council Race Has Attracted Big Bucks and Dueling Endorsements

15th Council District: Oswald Feliz (D); Ariel Rivera-Diaz (R)

In Second Election of the Year, Bronx Council District Has 9 Candidates in 2 Primaries

16th Council District: Althea V. Stevens (D)

Bronx Voters, Meet Your Primary Election Candidates

17th Council District: Rafael Salamanca Jr. (D)

Underdog Hopes Third Time’s the Charm in Bronx Primary Against Council Land-Use Chair

18th Council District: Amanda Farias (D)

Crowded Field in Bronx Race to Fill Ruben Díaz Sr’s Council Seat

19th Council District: Tony Avella (D); Vickie Paladino (R); John-Alexander Sakelos (Conservative)

10 candidates line up for New York City Council District 19

20th Council District: Sandra Ung (D)

Free-for-All in Flushing as Voters Choose Next City Council Member

21st Council District: Francisco P. Moya (D)

In Queens, Council Member at the Epicenter Looks to Hold Seat Against Insurgent from the Left

22nd Council District: Tiffany Cabán (D)

The race for Queens Council District 22, the next phase of Astoria’s political evolution

23rd Council District: Linda Lee (D); James F. Reilly (R)

Seven candidates compete for Grodenchik’s seat in the pseudo-burbs of Eastern Queens

24th Council District: James F. Gennaro (D); Timothy Rosen (R)

Old Guard Has Strong Lead in Special Election for Queens District 24

25th Council District: Shekar Krishnan (D)

Diverse Field of Candidates Vies to Replace Trailblazing Council Member in Queens

26th Council District: Julie Won (D)

27th Council District: Nantasha M. Williams (D)

Rival Resumés as a Dozen Seek Victory in Daneek’s District

28th Council District: Adrienne E. Adams (D)

Council Member Seeking Reelection and the Speakership Faces Exonerated Ex-Rep Pursuing Redemption

29th Council District: Lynn C. Schulman (D)

Central Queens City Council candidates make quality of life top priority

30th Council District: Robert F. Holden (D)

In Queens, Council Member Who Unseated Incumbent Tries to Hold Off Primary Challenge from the Left

31st Council District: Selvena Brooks-Powers (D)

Brooks-Powers Looks to Defend New Council Seat in Southeast Queens

32nd Council District: Felicia Singh (D); Joann Ariola (R)

Five Democrats Look to Flip Queens’ Last GOP Council Seat Blue

33rd Council District: Lincoln Restler (D)

Crowded Field Competes to Represent Brooklyn Waterfront in City Council

34th Council District: Jennifer Gutierrez (D)

Close Ally Has Inside Track in Race to Replace North Brooklyn City Council Member

35th Council District: Crystal Hudson (D)

Competitive Central Brooklyn Council Race Splits City’s Left

36th Council District: Chi A. Ossé (D)

In Competitive Central Brooklyn City Council Race, Candidates Focus on Housing, Education and Public Safety

37th Council District: Sandy Nurse (D)

Newly-Seated Brooklyn City Council Member Quickly Faces Tough 2021 Primary

38th Council District: Alexa Avilés (D)

Future of Immigrant Communities the Focus of Brooklyn City Council Race

39th Council District: Shahana K. Hanif (D)

Lander Pledges Neutrality in Crowded Brooklyn City Council Race to Succeed Him

40th Council District: Rita C. Joseph (D)

Candidates with Varied Resumés Compete for Central Brooklyn City Council Seat

41st Council District: Darlene Mealy (D)

42nd Council District: Charles Barron (D)

Can the Barrons swap seats again in City Council District 42 in East New York?

45th Council District: Farah N. Louis (D)

In Brooklyn, Incumbent Council Member Looks to Hold Off Veteran Challenger and Win First Full Term

46th Council District: Mercedes Narcisse (D)

Mercedes Narcisse makes second run at Council District 46

47th Council District: Ari Kagan (D)

Could Ari Kagan finally win an election?

48th Council District: Steven Saperstein (D)

49th Council District: Kamillah Hanks (D)

A crowded field of candidates aims to represent the North Shore

50th Council District: The BOE said on Tuesday that the competitive Republican primary for the 50th Council District on Staten Island will be subject to a recount.

It’s Insider Vs. Outsiders in Republican Council Primary on Staten Island