The popular picture of U.S. politics in the 21st Century is of a nation broken into red, blue and purple states—or, if one looks more closely, counties—whether one is talking about votes or campaign donations.

A look at donations in calendar year 2020 (in others words, during the period of time when the race has generally had the characteristics it has today) by ZIP code in New York State ratifies this view: Democrat Joe Biden has raised a lot more in the state than Republican President Donald Trump, at least when the focus is on donations of $100 or more, in virtually every ZIP code in the state.

However, other patterns also emerge. The highest totals of donations for both candidates are often in the same ZIP codes, which reflects population densities and also the fact that, even in deep-blue New York, few places are monolithically red or blue (although there are certainly strong leanings). Take ZIP code 10020 in midtown Manhattan: Trump and Biden have received nearly the same amount from that area in 2020 ($53,450 for Biden, $51,000 for the president).

Check out the maps below for some sense of the geography of financial support for the two candidates in New York State this year. Keep in mind that donations in 2017-2019 and to PACs that support the two candidates are also part of the picture. For a complete list of the haul from New York State ZIP codes for each candidate, click here.