volunteer worker

Arab American Association

A volunteer worker at the Arab American Association in Bay Ridge.

Emen Tabit, 26, is a member of the Islamic Bay Ridge Center, and has volunteered to help the center organize events during Brooklyn’s COVID-19 outbreak, including funerals, meals and religious gatherings on Zoom. In this audio account, Tabit shares the unusual nature of the Ramadan holiday that ended in May, and how it’s essence — “charity” — was maintained by the community center while still keeping social distancing precautions.

Note: the audio includes sound of the Center’s Imam Ahmed reciting a prayer for their daily zoom call as they break their fast for the evening.

This report is part of joint project to cover the coronavirus crisis in New York between City Limits and urban health and environment reporting students in Hunter College’s Journalism Program. Also see the students’ May 5 live blogging report from around the metro area. The project is part of the Hunter Journalism program’s Contagion Coverage Project, which has more than 70 students reports from the last few months in video, audio and text.