Trump signs stimulus
President Trump signs the latest stimulus bill.

The $2 trillion stimulus bill that was just passed was supposed to protect public health and the economy from financial ruin. Yet, it penalizes everyday Americans who dare to marry the person they love, and is a dangerous continuation of this administration’s assault on undocumented immigrants and their families.

Under the stimulus bill, mixed-immigration status families, known as “mixed-status families,” are not eligible to receive the stimulus rebate if a U.S. citizen files his or her taxes jointly with an undocumented family member. The stimulus bill already excludes undocumented immigrants, even those who pay taxes with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN, from cash assistance, food stamps, and unemployment benefits.

However, purposefully excluding mixed-status families from the stimulus rebate is particularly cruel, given that undocumented immigrants, and their families (including U.S. citizens), are the most vulnerable population in times of crisis, as they have no access to the “safety net” available to many Americans.

This is how the stimulus bill will play out in real life. As an immigration attorney with the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), I work with Juan and his wife Julia, who are a mixed-status family (their names have been changed to protect their identity). Juan is an undocumented immigrant. He has lived in the United States for almost 20 years. He pays his taxes through his ITIN, and sends money to his home country every month to support his family. He met his wife Julia—a U.S. citizen—more than a decade ago. Julia and Juan have two U.S. citizen children. Julia survived a life-threatening illness as a teen and still suffers from chronic pain as a result.

Before the pandemic, Juan and Julia worked full time. When Julia’s pain was too severe, she had to stay home from work, leaving Juan to work full time and care for Julia and the children. While Juan and Julia’s lives are not easy, they have each other, and have given their children a loving and safe home. Like many other families around America, Covid-19 (or the coronavirus) has placed them in a precarious financial situation.

Unlike many other families around America, however, and although both Juan and Julia pay taxes, only Julia will receive a stimulus rebate. By leaving immigrants like Juan out of the stimulus bill, his family will lose out on $1,200, which could mean the difference between paying rent, and facing homelessness.

Juan and Julia are still a “lucky” mixed-status family. Because they file their taxes separately, Julia is still entitled to her stimulus rebate. Mixed-status couples that file their taxes jointly will receive nothing under the stimulus bill.

There is an additional twist for mixed-status couples filing a marriage-based petition so the undocumented spouse can become a lawful permanent resident (a green-card holder).  As part of the immigration process, mixed-status couples have to prove to immigration that they did not marry for immigration benefits. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the branch of the Department of Homeland Security that adjudicates family-based immigration petitions, reviews a petitioning couple’s application to see if their lives are intertwined. Typically, joint tax returns help demonstrate that the petitioning couple has a real marriage.

This stimulus bill unjustly and unfairly deprives mixed status-couples of the stimulus rebate for filing joint tax returns, the same joint tax returns that USCIS views as indicia of a real marriage. In fact, couples in this situation are doubly penalized. Not only are they precluded from receiving a stimulus rebate, but USCIS is currently closed, meaning mixed-status couples who have a marriage-based petition pending with USCIS are stuck in administrative limbo, as the undocumented spouse cannot complete the process to become a lawful permanent resident.

Simply for falling in love and getting married, Juan and Julia and their two U.S. citizen children will only receive a partial stimulus rebate despite both paying taxes, albeit filing separately. For mixed status couples that file joint tax returns, they will receive nothing.



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This stimulus bills turns Julia and her U.S. citizen children, and other Americans, into second-class citizens for marrying undocumented immigrants. There are likely thousands of families like my clients who are excluded from the stimulus bill. The message from the government is loud and clear: We do not care about you.

Undocumented immigrants are our frontline defenders right now against the coronavirus. They deliver our food, stock our grocery stores, and care for our children, so the rest of us may have the luxury of practicing social distancing and working from home.  Why are we not protecting and supporting them?

If Congress truly wants to fight the disastrous health and economic consequences of this pandemic, it must treat all people in the United States as equal under the law. All of our lives depend on it.

Halina Schiffman-Shilo is a senior staff attorney with the Immigrant Protection Unit at the New York Legal Assistance Group.

177 thoughts on “Opinion: The Cruelties of the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

    • Es una situación injusta, que las familias mixtas no tengamos el estímulo económico, luchemos por esto! Muchas gracias a todas las personas que nos apoyan!

      • this is so frustrating, your born in this country and now you are not able to get the benefits just because you have a mix status. we do not qualify for food stamps or any other benefits because you make to much money so what is the point to be a good citizen if you don’t qualify for anything

        • I am a US citizen and Registered Nurse working in the front lines of this pandemic but because I am married to a non-citizen I won’t get any stimulus help.
          Wow! This is truly a slap in my face. I don’t expect any money for my husband but I was truly counting on the money that my US citizen children and my family deserve and need so much at this time.
          I am the sole provider for my family too. This is so unfair. I am truly in tears right now getting home from my 12 hour shift at the hospital risking my life to save others and not getting any help from the government.
          I am speechless and devastated.

          • There’s something else you need to worry about: he may already have a wife and kids back home. It’s FAR more common than you think.

        • I know, and agree with you.. it discriminates against disabled adults who were claimed by family, college students as well. And is a 14th amendment violation, article iii violation, ethics violation, and a violation of oath of office.. and by utilizing loopholes through distribution through irs, they have attempted to discriminate against many groups of people and reallocated funding to special interest, and it makes one wonder is there funneling and embezzlement occuring within the confines by means of all the out of country special interest groups? Not accusing but merely looking at all possibilities for dodging all the groups who are affected? And it boils down to ethical and morality reasoning..( are these groups of people who are Left out from stimulus immune from contracting covid? Are they immune from hardships? And do they not pay sales tax, fines, and count as a States people in the census count? Stipulations and loopholes have zero merit for for any true legal basis of application to all these groups. It’s pure discrimination, and a violation of the constitution. And not only should these groups be aloted the same stimulus, but danages, and a breech of reliance needs to be addressed as well.

      • I’m so disappointed in the government right now. I am a u.s. citizen my children are u.s. citizens but because of my husband’s itin number we can’t even get half of a stimulus. I’m utterly flabbergasted. It says these payments are for citizens but yet a majority cant receive them because of mix status.

        • I completely agree!! We should at least get the one for ourselves and the children because we are US citizens?!! Truly upsetting

          • This! I assumed that I would get my $1200 plus the money for my kids. Was never expecting money for my husband since he doesn’t have a SSN but to find out I don’t even get what I am entitled to as a tax paying US citizen! This is so horrible on many levels.

        • I’m in the same situation and I’m beyond disgusted with the decision that was made. My husband and I both file our taxes and to be told we can’t get anything simply because we are a mixed status family is ridiculous. I am a U.S. Citizen ( so I thought) it sucks to feel like your own country that can betray you at your toughest times because of your marriage.

          • Also same here. We file jointly because we are trying to fix his status, and they want everything intertwined. We didn’t receive a penny.

          • Unfortunately, I am also in the same situation and feeling completely betrayed by my own country. We all need to let the news organizations about this and call our representatives. Our fellow Americans need to know how US citizens are being discriminated against. This is so UN-American!!!

        • In the same status. Together with my husband from Honduras for 15 years, we got married 3 years ago and starting filing a joint return. The continual racist and discriminatory policies, and now laws from this Administration are disillusioning. We have been in limbo now for 4 years, everything in order, waiting for the hearing in Honduras. They could ZOOM it you know, they just won’t. We work in construction and today I finished filing my 2019 return and there is an amount owed. I feel like I should short it by $1200 for my part anyway. Jerks. Old, white, racist jerks. That Steven Miller guy is a piece of work.

          • This is a slap to American citizens, who are by fact in the process of legalizing your spouses. I owe irs tax money— I say shorten them. This is the same thing that causes crime. It happens when we by fact try to do what’s right and get a blow to the face. Feel like investing my sweat equity in my spouses country (since mine clearly bs me when I needed them most) who will treat us equally. Sad story when the red white and blue betrays it’s own. I totally agree don’t give my spouse money but legalize him. Funny trump is thinking about hiring illegal farmers… but that’s different. Sick and tired of these racist jerks representing us.

        • This is called racism and how sad to feel that our own country has turned its back on us. I hope this helps us think better about who we give our vote to in the upcoming elections.

          • I am a disabled veteran married to a Thai national filing jointly. I feel like I’m coming home from Vietnam War in 1969 and spit at and called a war monger. My country didn’t want me then and now it’s the same thing with no stimulus payment. I can’t believe it. Why?

      • I am an American and my wife is from Brazil. Our son was born here so he is an American citizen. It amazes me that I and my son won’t receive the stimulus because of my wife being a foreigner. It is as though they assume that if I receive the stimulus then my wife will be benefiting from my money.

    • My daughter just had her second child. Her husband is down to only 2 days at work making very little. they are now going to lose their home. this is how 45 is making america great.

    • I fall into this category as well. Married 10 years, 3 kids, zero dollars but waste no time taking their share.

      • I also am disappointed. We’ve been married 14 years and have 4 children and get nothing. What happened to me being proud to be an American…

      • It doesn’t make sense. My sister received $4900 with her husband for having 5 kids. My brother received $4400 with his wife for having 4 kids. My other brother received $3400 for having 2 kids. My other siblings and their spouses as well as my parents all were eligible as American citizens. I am an American citizen and so is my son but the woman that I married almost two years ago is Brazilian and that automatically disqualifies all three of us from receiving the stimulus money? To me it seems like they intentionally decided to screw anyone who married a foreigner. This is a tax on people married to foreigners. On top of this all my 5 of my married siblings were either working from home or in necessary work while I am self employed and have been in limbo for the last month.

        • Completely agree. This is a tax on someone who married a dang foreigner, which sounds like something you’d hear said between guys chewing on straw in front of a general store in the 1800’s. Sigh.

    • I very disappointed as well. Being a U.S citizen but being treated like we do not matter just because of our mix status is a shame.

    • I lost my job last October, and I am back on Public Assistance. My job search program for people 50+ was shutdown ,and a job interview that took a few years to snag was canceled! I hope I get a stimulus check, and I was born in this country. I am an all American girl. A NYC Girl!!

        • Point is while a lot of americans are safe at home with their families the immigrants are out there working very hard fo continue production in many factories and food places to serve those who get to stay at home n get pay for it that is the point I’m not an imigrant but I do understand the hard work of others n not even get a thank you for it

          • I think most of the people working in factories and food places are not illegals. Laws to punish Companies for hiring undocumented workers went into effect a few years ago, so they are very careful. I get food delivered from grocery stores here and many are retired people, college students, one was a former Uber driver who got this job because Uber rides were declining. So, to say an immigrant who is working (probably illegally somewhere – a housekeeper, babysitter, etc) doesn’t even get a thank you is not correct – they are being paid in cash.

          • Actually, you are incorrect buddy. I am a US citizen. I used to work at factory as a floor manager. And I had to QUIT. Why? Well, this company subcontracted a company to hire workers for them. That way they weren’t held responsible if immigration found out that all the workers were illegal immigrants. The subcontractors treated these immigrant workers so bad and they were so scared to lose their jobs that all they would do is look down and continue working without a word. MY HEART BROKE FOR THEM. And there are many many MANY companies out there that do the same. These immigrants are NOT paid cash. They are paid checks with deductions taken and since most of them are working with ITINS they don’t qualify for any benefits. Just some FYI. It was a food plant by the way. So yes, they do work in harsh conditions so that we “citizens” can have the life we have. You might get your food delivered by some college kid, Uber driver, etc. But the person at the farm, field, factory, you best believe it is not a US citizen. Middle class citizens are home with their families right now. Upper class citizens are at their vacation homes with their families during this pandemic. Lower class are still out there risking their lives to COVID-19 to put food on their tables and pay for daily expenses and bills.

          • Immigrants aren’t the issue in this article. Its the “undocumented immigrants” aka: ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS that shouldn’t be here in the first place. I love how they always complain about how bad and unfair everything is here in America, however, they refuse to leave and go back to their country where they can get these types of benefits……
            MAGA!! Trump2020!!

        • to Proud Deplorable…

          this isn’t about undocumented immigrants!!! This is about US citizens like myself who aren’t allowed to receive federal aid just because I am married to an undocumented immigrant. Regardless of who I am married to, I am a tax paying US citizen – my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Korean War, I am a teacher – I deserve to have the full rights as every other tax paying citizen. This is about me, a citizen, just like you. If you are eligible for financial aid, then I should be too!!!!!

    • This is so awful my family will receive nothing and I’m 31 weeks high risk pregnancy and my husband has been paying taxes for 10+ years …take his money but wont give help when we need it most. And we make to much to get state aid ….awesome looks like we will be in a shelter by the end of the year ….its hopeless

      • I am a u.s. navy vet. Pay taxes, born citizen and my wife is not illegal nor undocumented…she is living in her country of birth…so how is this not discrimination…we arent breaking any rules or laws…we have been married ten years and i visit my wife because of the racist policies instituted by a racist President and his racist administation…no need sugar coating something evil…lets cqll it what it is….Hate…

  1. I am one of those affected. My husband is currently in his home country (where we met and married) as we go through the lengthy visa process to bring him to the US. We have been married over two years and have always filed jointly, with him using an ITIN and choosing to be taxed as a US resident. Everything we have done is perfectly legal and in line with IRS rulings. However, I’m now finding out that myself (a US citizen with a valid SSN) along with my daughter (also a US citizen with a valid SSN) are excluded from receiving the stimulus check due to my husband being an ITIN holder. He is not in the US illegally and never has been! I’m not asking for my husband to receive a stimulus check, but I believe I should be eligible, as I am a US citizen, I file and pay my taxes and have been negatively impacted by this horrible virus just like everyone else. There are many other needy families in my same situation. At this point, I don’t know who we can turn to to fix this unfair rule.

    • So frustrating and unfair!!! We live abroad but working for the US govt I am required to pay my income taxes to the US, so we file jointly and my foreign spouse with an ITIN. We are breaking no laws, why are we being penalized?

      • Jenevive
        Am a permanent resident and started working this January 2020 and am single am I eligible to get from the covid-19 stimulus package

      • Congress needs to change the bill! It sucks that only Mix status serving in the military’ are eligible for the Stimilus Check! They are in the same mix status as we are! We are US Citizens with US citizen Children married to a hard working human being that happens to pay his Taxes unlike other people!! And we get Screwd for doing the Right thing!!! Ugh!!!

        • I really hope they do my wife and I are in the same situation. I’m a us citizen and so is our 2 children but we won’t get a stimulus cause we file jointly with her ITIN number. She hasn’t worked in 10 years

    • This is my situation too. I am appalled by my country for not treating me as a citizen. My daughter is a US Citizen, and her country has turned their back on her. I am a US citizen, and have paid my taxes since I was 15. This is unjust.

      • I am in this same situation and let’s not sugar coat this…. this administration is a racist one. Let’s not all pretend that it isn’t. Trump ran on keeping people out of a country that is built on immigrants and continues to be. Just because he doesn’t like the people coming in, doesn’t mean he gets to decide.

  2. I’ve been married to my husband for 7 years and we have a daughter. We’ve been trying to get his residency for four years. The requirements are changing on a regular basis and is becoming more and more difficult to obtain the documents required as they have to be obtained in person, in Mexico. We have filed taxes together every year. I am also disabled and receive SSDI benefits. He is the main provider. He now cannot work because of COVID19. We will end up losing everything we have and what we have is all thanks to HIM. Now, because Trump has made the process of residency so much more difficult and it’s taken us two years longer than normal, myself and my citizen daughter are also disqualified for the stimulus and will lose everything, unless my husband puts me, a kidney transplant immune suppressed patient at risk and goes out and finds work wherever he can.
    My daughter and I are “guilty” by association and being punished because I married the greatest man I’ve ever known.
    I would also like to add, my husband and daughter have never received government assistance but my husband contributes his fair share of taxes that he doesn’t get back and now, just another slap in the face.

  3. Actually this article is wrong. Anyone one a tax return Joint or separate has an ITIN no one in the family will get a stimulus check. The person who wrote this article needs to do their investigative journalism before they post. I was told specifically by the IRS if 1 parent has an ITIN joint or separate return NOONE on that return will get a dime. I’m one of those families. So please make sure you investigate before giving false hope to people.

    • I married US citizen, I am a green card holder but we filed jointly married. Will we get $2,400 from the stimulus check? Or, is it just my husband that is eligible? Was wondering if my green card status but married and filed with him makes me eligible too. Can I get an answer please

      • Yes, you will get the $2400 because you filed as a married family, have paid taxes and meet the eligibility requirements- he is a citizen and you are a green card holder.

      • I am also a green card holder & if you have a valid SSN (for work and benefit purposes) and not an ITIN number you meet the $ requirements for a married couple you should qualify for the $2400 at least that is how I am reading it. Myself on the other hand will probably not qualify for anything as I sponsor my husband who only has an ITIN and we file jointly as advised to do so by the immigration services even though I have paid for taxes for 20+years and am doing the sponsorship the legal way. Anyway didn’t have it to begin with so not going to complain just keep my fingers crossed.

    • I’m in the same boat, married to my husband 13 years with 4 kids and we get nothing as well. If they wont allow him ok, but my 4 children and I are US citizens. This is ridiculous. We are both out of work, we file our taxes each year. How are we supposed to get help?? Someone please tell me!!!

    • That is not what I have read on other sites it says filing separately that person with a social security number could still be eligible. It should not matter who someone is married too all US citizens should get a check but that is our government for us not good and evil. Only people who have no heart would do that even if they are legal. The government don’t mind taking their tax money out of their pay checks every week. It is their taxes that’s paying for people to have stimulus checks. I think everyone should quit their jobs no matter what and with no tax money going into the system let’s see how thier attitudes change then. If the government can’t help everyone then we should not help the government by working and paying taxes

    • Yeah does illegals are the ones who are keeping the stores clean and well stocked, are the ones picking fruits and vegetables or doing any dirty job that you would dare to do!!! For people like you is that our country is becoming the most hateful and racist place ever, I hope you never get in a situation like them, I hope you never need one of them to help you.

      • That’s BS and everyone knows it! Illegals and their fake “citizen” anchor children are a hundred billion dollar drain on this country every year! They are NOT the ones on the frontlines, working in our stores taking care of our children, etc! They do NOT do jobs Americans won’t do, they depress wages so those jobs no longer pay a livable wage! Illegals are dishonest and use welfare at rates higher than most. Its not “racist” to want people to follow the law! Why is that SO HARD for people from south of the border to understand?? This is exactly why I left the democrats after three decades for Trump. I proudly helped Wisconsin swing red!

        • Undocumented immigrants cannot get welfare. And you do realize not all undocumented immigrants are Mexican, right? I know plenty of Irish, Poles, and others.

        • This comment is so wrong on so many levels. How dare you put everyone in your little righteous box. You have no idea how hard it is. Some have no choice but to flee their country. Everyone is important no matter where they’re from.

      • Well, if you want to help them do so individually. I help many people who are in need. It’s not the government’s responsibility to change our laws arbitrarily to satisfy your perspective. We are a Sovereign nation and are supposed to have laws in placed that are passed by citizens who elect their Congressmen and Senators.

    • Very true! They have been a very expensive burden on the American people for too long! They are why wages haven’t increased in decades! It’s not that American people wont do those jobs, we wont do those jobs for the low wages they do! Why do you think our wages are so stagnant!?

      • I think the main problem with this whole issue is the American citizens (partner and children) who are being punished. Most of these families understand that the undocumented partner won’t receive anything. It’s horrible to deny these American citizens the same treatment as other citizens under the law. You Trumpsters are so quick to jump on the bandwagon and overlook that because of your racist mindset. But it’s okay, I don’t expect anything more from your kind.

      • So you are saying if all the immigrants get deported americans will actually go work 🤔 if they wont do the job for low wages that says it all they wont do the job period 🙄 instead of blaming immigrants why not blame all the lazy americans sitting at home not going to work I have work with both Americans and immigrants and most of the americans dont last a week they quit their jobs all the time cuz they are not willing to work for minimum wage well there is someone else who actually wants to work n they work for cheap because they have families to feed and even is is a few dollars they will be able to provide for their families

        • You say you work with Americans and immigrants – do you mean illegal immigrants or those who are green card holders or resident alien? The latter two categories legally have a right to work and most companies don’t hire illegals because they will be fined.

      • My “illegal” husband pays taxes that support people like you, keeping roads fixed for you to drive on, supporting police and fire fighters, paying taxes toward the military– everything taxes go to for your benefit. If he stayed under the radar and did not pay full taxes with an ITIN, then my citizenship (by birth) would qualify me for this emergency survival money. But my association by marriage to this TAXPAYER disqualifies me, and we are suffering and not sure how we will survive. Why are you so hateful? If all the “illegal” immigrants left the US, the resultant loss of taxes and the void in the economy would affect you negatively. I ask you as one citizen to another, how would it hurt you for me to be included in receiving a check to survive? Does it please you to cause me financial harm because my husband is paying taxes with an ITIN, compounding the injustices built into the immigration laws of this country?

    • So send them back? What do you think his disabled,American wife,born and raised,and American children,born and raised,are going to do about money? O,I know,we can just go get welfare,food stamps and Medicaid,right? How is that helping America? X how many children? Can’t wait to read the answers💯

    • Hopefully ALL of them get sent back. That way you can go and do the back breaking work they do. Let’s see how long it’ll take for food shortages, small businesses that are essential to close down.

    • I agree send them back but what about the spouse and children that are US citizens?!? Why should you get a tax refund and I shouldn’t? No difference. We both pay taxes. Oh and when you send them back forget about the $5k in taxes that my illegal alien spouse pays to the government with his ITIN and the work he does that NO US citizen will do.

  4. I am a U.S. citizen with seven U.S. citizen children. We will not receive anything either. I married the love of my life. He is not the father of any of my children, but he has loved them and raised them as his own. I want to know if we can file a lawsuit for discrimination based on marital status or something along those lines.

    • Ditto. This is a hate crime.

      I’m calling our immigration attorney today to join a class action.

      And I’m going to push for 3X damages on the basis of distress from the hate crime. Trump has gone and cost the tax payer so much more.

    • That’s a valid question because my US CITIZEN daughter AND HER CHILDREN are being PUNISHED FOR NO VALID REASON this is against her HUMAN RIGHTS MUCH LESS HER RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN WHO WORKS HER ASS OFF CONSTANTLY just to be treated as second rate grrrr I’m all about Trump, but this really breaks my heart, and makes me soooo mad at him, he needs to learn the difference

    • I want to jump on the bandwagon of suing for discrimination based on marital status. I am a US-born citizen with a Us-born son. I paid taxes my entire working adult life and deserve that stimulus money just like every other citizen. How can we start this class action?

  5. This is sad cause my husband has a itin we pay taxes and he’s married to someone who is born her and have kids to support. They fast to take from Mexicans or other racist . It’s not fair cause we have rent and bills to pay also. Itin , socials shouldn’t matter rite now. Our we guna end up homeless rite now everything should be equal.

  6. So if a US citizen is married to someone who is already a lawful permanent resident and file taxes jointly with three kids, will they qualify for stimulus check?

  7. I just wonder how Mr. Trump would feel if someone treated his son as a second class citizen, his mother (Melania) is an immigrant after all.

    • Well, his son is a first class citizen because he was born here and both his parents are American citizens. Melania came here legally and obtained her citizenship legally. No one is treating you like a “second class citizen” whatever you mean by that. They are treating you like what you are: an illegal alien. The stimulus package costs trillion of dollars and will put this country in more debt which is bad for our economy. So, there has to be some difficult decisions that Trump and his administration had to make. You are only looking at it from one perspective and that’s YOU. You made the decision to break the law and come here. Actions cause consequences. That’s a reality.

      • I am not an illegal alien I am a born and raised American citizen with 3 born and raised American children. I am not getting a tax rebate because I chose to marry someone I love. So what laws did I break to not recieve? I am not asking the government to give my spouse anything. And YOU are only looking at it like only illegals are not recieving.

      • Again, I understand this viewpoint. However, for many families working through the process of naturalization (and it is a multi-year process, mind you) and filing joint, for the entire family to be penalized is vastly inappropriate. I understand if you don’t want to give any stimulus checks to non-citizens, but to take it away from me and my kids? That’s a hell of a discrepancy between simply changing filing statuses. Hell, I work in defense building and maintaining equipment for soldiers, but we still didn’t get a cent, there’s no special incentive for the stimulus if you work for the military unless you’re explicitly enlisted. Still, it’s only $1200 and to someone like me, that’s not going to matter. And yes, giving a trillion dollars to everyone is not going to be beneficial in terms of inflation. But understandably, they have been faced with hard decisions and they had to act.

        And about the “making the decision to break the law” argument? Isn’t that the point of democracy? If you don’t think a law is fair, you contact your representatives to change it. I don’t think people should immigrate illegally but if the path to being a citizen potentially takes decades and thousands of dollars but yet people are still able to just buy into citizenship (it’s a real thing for wealthy chinese), where is the incentive to do good for the country?

        If someone wants to work in the US, let them. It is a free market, after all. By restricting basic things like the ability to work, you’re just encouraging the roots of the black market.

    • This isn’t referring to ILLEGALS, please educate yourself on this. I am active duty military with a citizen son with my wife who is a LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENT but because of this we will receive NOTHING. This has nothing to do with illegals.

      • Not sure I understand why you will receive nothing if You are active duty military with a citizen son and wife who is a legal permanent resident. Did you file taxes in 2018 or 2019? Were they jointly filed? Sounds like you don’t understand the rules required for the benefits.

        • No, Rinny – you don’t understand. This isn’t about undocumented immigrants getting the Stimulus. This is about tax paying US citizens married to undocumented immigrants not being eligible for the Stimulus. You need to educate yourself!!! And open your mind!!!!!

    • Some were brought here illegally when they were just kids and they grew up here and survived here and ended up married with families and with no legal status have supported their spouses and children who are all US citizens. This is beyond unjust. Even if one person in the family doesnt have legal status doesnt mean the spouse and children should suffer as well. Especially children. They are blamess in all of this

    • I bet one of your ancestors broke the law unless you are a cherokee, Sioux, Navajo….But you are born here so you can make yourself fully entitled to the benefit of this land. Double faced

  8. And those of us who are US citizens working for the US govt abroad are also penalized if we file jointly with our foreign spouse even though they have never lived in the US, illegally or not! We are required to pay US income taxes, so we do not have a choice. It is absurd!

  9. I am married to a immigrant who only has an ITIN, we file as Married Joint and have 3 kids who all have SSN including myself, they all depend on my $60,000 income. Are my kids who are all under 14, and myself excluded from receiving the stimulus package just because I married an immigrant?

    • l think you will not receive the stimulus because you are not married to an immigrant but to and “immigrant who is illegal.” It has nothing to with being an immigrant, it is the status of that person.
      You can be an immigrant and have a green card or be a permanent resident.
      Are you a Citizen or qualify as one of the above.

  10. Im agree they dont give any money to itin holders But THEY Should give to the ones with ssn that born here and pay taxes their whole life . We should sue the government for discrimination!!! They can’t take the stimulus check just bcz you married someone undocumented,

    • Agreed. Class action time. This article needs an update to point us all to the attorney who wants this golden opportunity.

      Denied equal treatment under the law because uscis hasn’t updated my husband’s status months after marriage and filling to update that status? No. That’s not going to fly. Trump, you dun screwed up fool.

      • $29 Billion a year gets stolen from our economy and sent to Mexico alone every year. Not one dime for these lawbreakers.

        • They earn the money by creating value from their own labor. So it’s THEIR MONEY. And they can send it where they want. That’s capitolism.

          If you want a government that decides how much each person can earn why don’t you go to China?

    • Her basis for saying that is (she does not have one). It’s stupid that these people have no compassion for human beings that are going thru a hard time, families will go hungry and homeless wile ignorant people like her are laughing. Making up lies.

  11. We are a family of 7, only 6 are US citizens. None of us qualify for help because of that.
    This exclusion will severely impact us during the pandemic. This is completely unjust.

    • Sure John, many are getting deported everyday. Not all will be, there is too many learn to live with that reality. In times like these it’s important to put aside any political beliefs and ignorance.

    • I think you are missing the point. The issue isn’t that it is being denied to immigrants with iTINs, it is that it is being denied to their US CITIZEN TAX PAYING spouses and family members. It effects more people than you would think. For instance, I will not qualify for that payment even though I pay taxes, was born and raised in the us and all of my children are us citizens. Honestly I will not suffer from not receiving it as I am still working, but it does send a message. Just for the record when I say still working I mean as a health care worker. A respiratory therapist that works in the icu with vents and is caring for people sick with this illness 6 days a week for 12 hours. Not because I desperately need the money btw, but because I feel it would be morally wrong to turn my back on my community when it needs me. It isn’t about the money it’s about the message. It is hurtful that that message is, “yes, you might be willing to risk your health, and the health of your family for the general public and benefit of your country, but this country does not value you, because you married and had children with an immigrant.” I understand that people don’t care, but it is what it is, intent and messaging matter.

    • What about ‘illegals’ who legally married a native born citizen and have done everything required to adjust their status?

      Would you break up those marriages by deporting their lawfully wedded spouse? State your full name for the record.

  12. I’m a US citizen living on social security, my wife is Filipina with an ITIN. We file jointly. My wife has never been in the US so nothing illegal about our situation. No check for her I understand. No check for me I don’t understand. Is there any reason why this stimulus bill is so selectively leaving out people like me and so many others. Too many people fell through the cracks on this bill it seems unjust and unfair. For myself, I can get by so I’m not getting too upset, but for many others I feel sorry for them.

  13. I’m a us citizen and my wife is a ITIN number holder and I got 3 kids born in the us and yeah I’m not getting no money very unfair . But I’m used tho this kind of crap and all the racist people starting with our president. All I can say is we should always be prepared and dont expect nothing from the government because y’all already know it has always been like that. I can survive without that money hell I could go up to a year without working the point is that I deserve that money like any other us citizen. And for all those saying for all immigrants to go back and talking about wages and what not. I would like to see that happen for all the immigrants to leave the us and see how this country falls without all the immigrants that help run this country. and all for scraps because that’s what they get. They dont get benefits they dont get paid what day should and in times of crisis like now they get nothing. O but they better report their taxes nobody will say nothing there . Even when the president himself doesn’t do it and gets away with it.

  14. Wait so you want illegal allies who you admit send all their illegal earnings to foreign countries. Easy solution all illegal aliens in custody get deported and any money debt from illegal aliens gets taxed 110%

    • Do you really suppose undocumented immigrants send all their earnings to home countries? I wonder what they do for food, rent, clothing, transportation, et cetera? Because, like, if they spent some of their earnings on that, then they’d be part of the consumer base that created jobs for natural-born, U.S. citizens. You know, decent folk, like you.

  15. So me as an American won’t get help for my family because I filed with my husband who only has an itin for now cause immigration wants him to pay taxes why we wait for his appointment . I am being let down by my own country and struggling to pay bills and if this goes on for another month we will be homeless.

  16. This also affects people who are here legally on work visas. They otherwise would be included unless they have dependent children with them. My household has 5 with 4 of us with SSN. My eldest son who is 5 was born outside the US and is here legally as are all of us. Due to claiming him under an ITIN we also are disqualified, I have been paying taxes in the US for over 10 years.

  17. When my husband was here we file together I USC and he itin now that he is in his home country I’ve filed head of household for the last 3 years does anyone know if this will affect me?

  18. Humanity don’t mean anything anymore. We have been together for 20 years. I never knew anything about immigrants. We fell in love been married for 12 years. Anyone would try to feed themselves. That is what my husband did. He is a survivor. So dogs deserve to eat why not people.

  19. So you’re telling me that a DACA, or TPS Or VISA holder has more benefits than a U.S Citizen WOOW WHAT A SHAME ON THIS COUNTRY

    • If they file taxes in a way that claims a mixed status household, they will be penalized also– no matter what hell they went through to finally get legal status. But yeah, as a citizen who feels like I am being left to starve and wind up homeless in an epidemic– even though I payed taxes all my life and my immigrant husband pays with an ITIN, to think there are immigrants who attained a legal status that places them as “deserving” at the same time I am stripped of my citizenship rights– yeah, WOOW! And I am shocked at the number of Americans who think other taxpaying American citizens should be disqualified when it is not against the law to be married to an immigrant. In most cases, it is clearly a TAXPAYING immigrant, at that! Please ask yourselves why you are feeling like we should suffer more than other Americans? Even if only the citizen family members get financial help, we would still be struggling– but you act so righteous that we SHOULD get NOTHING. And meanwhile the wealthy elites have more money than they could spend in five lifetimes– Nobody has ever worked hard enough to deserve that much– yet you feel like us poor citizens should be suffering even more because our families include immigrants. Your negative emotions are misdirected. I wish you could see that. My husband pays into a system that supports YOU, and now his citizen wife is being treated like her citizenship is cancelled. Why do you think that is appropriate?

  20. Wow so my children and myself are being punished for marrying someone that is undocumented . This is nonsense obviously the government doesn’t care about Americans like they claim they do because if they did they wouldn’t have exclude the millions of People like myself and my children from receiving the money. It’s upsetting but also goes to prove that this government doesn’t care about anyone. In the end we’re just another factor to them . My husband pays his taxes every year like he should. regardless whether he came here illegally or not these individuals abide by the rules and should’ve been entitled to that money since we are all struggling financial right now . Doesn’t matter where we come from we are all living the same struggles .

  21. One thing to note that NOT all ITIN holders are illegal immigrants. ITIN means they are not eligible to work in the United States, but many of them are authorized to stay in the country. For example, a spouse of a foreign worker in H1 visa receives an H4 visa, and is eligible for ITIN. The same applies to many visa categories as well.

  22. Great Job America. Now not only will you leave Undocumented Immigrants with next to nothing during this hard time but this will discourage them from filing taxes in the future. That means that everything that they pay back in taxes at the end of the each year will be GONE by next year. That’s about 1.7billion dollars. You guys are idiots if you think they are draining our system when they can’t even get a cent of what they pay in taxes back.

  23. I am a US citizen and my husband is an undocumented Mexican we have been together for 15 years we have been married almost 6 we do file jointly I own a daycare so we do file our taxes together to save money and I’m not qualified to get a stemless check because I am married so an undocumented Mexicans it is so unfair

    • So my friend receives disability she filled jointly with her husband that doesn’t have a SS number does that mean she want get it off of her disability too can someone help me with this answer please?

  24. This is so freaking upsetting and injustice as me and my daughter are US Citizen and because of my husband (who is pending to get his LPR) we will not get anything. My husband doesn’t count to get money but he counts to pay taxes. My daughter and I as US Citizens have rights and should be included. It’s so unfair that undocumented immigrants are the wants suffering the most due to this Country they don’t count or have rights. My husband has not worked and doesn’t get pay and can’t even use vacations and sick time as he doesn’t get pay anything anything. I feel so frustrated for all those undocumented immigrants who works so hard and now that they can’t work not by choice they and their families are going to be hungry and homeless. 😡

  25. Sorry, but I’m a legal resident, I had to pay lots of money to get my greencard and a social security number. It’s not our fault that some people come here the illegal way, don’t pay and go through the process of becoming a greencard holder like everyone else. Why should we reward them with American money when they’re here as an illegal. I don’t feel sorry for them. However I do think that children born here with one or both illegal parent should receive benefits, so should the ONE parent that is a citizen or legal resident. Mexico or any other country should be held liable for those that are living as illegals here in the U.S. let their government send them checks if they offer it.

    • Yeah well us US citizens born here and our children should be included before you. Honestly. My parents were born here paid taxes. I was born here and paid taxes. But I’m not eligible because of an ITIN holder on my taxes. That makes zero sense!

  26. This is so freaking upsetting and injustice as me and my daughter are US Citizen and because of my husband we will not get anything. My husband doesn’t count to get money but he counts to pay taxes. My daughter and I as US Citizens have rights and should be included. It’s so unfair that undocumented immigrants are the wants suffering the most due to this Country they don’t count or have rights. My husband has not worked and doesn’t get pay and

  27. What is the status of families where one spouse received a green card in early 2020, and filed taxes in 2018 and earlier with an ITIN? The other spouse is a full citizen.

  28. This rly sux, i have been with my husband for 8 years but married for 3 years, we have 2 kids. Im a born US citizen and ha e a 5 year old who is just starting school and an 8 month old down syndrome daughter. I do not work and can not be ause i have to care for my daughter with disability. She just had heary surgery 2 mo ths ago. My husband an undocumented worker has always paid his taxes, he came to the US when he was a kid so he had no other option. He is the only breadwinner for tge house and we dont get governemt assistance even though we woukd easily wualify because were working on getting his legal documents and if u get assistance then it complicates the process of getting his papers. Now hes not working and we were already living mo th to mo th paying rent and trying to survi e. I dont know where to get help ir who to turn to and the only thi g i see happening next is to soon be homeless. I just cry all the time. Me and my kids are all US vitizens and one of them is high risk with down sy drome. Its just horrifyi g when you cant depend on your country or any agencies or services who can help with anything. Worst feeling in the world

    • Reading your comment made me shed some tears. I am in a very similar situation as yours, and I am infuriated that we as citizens are not being heard. I am also a citizen with a 4 year old and 2 year old. This year I began law school, but will be forced to drop out due to my husband not working. I work at a grocery store part time, and that def won’t be enough to support my family and my studies. I don’t see how us and our children being U.S. citizens won’t get help from OUR country, yet Dreamers who were not born on this land will. Someone has to step up and give us all a voice. The injustice is just insane!

  29. 47 DEMOCRATS voted on this bill. Obviously republicans weren’t going to think about the impact of mixed families but I thought DEMOCRATS would? I’m seeing more and more of the Democratic Party as not a party of the people but rather a party of exclusive interests.

    Very angry and sad for the families this bill excludes.

  30. I am a permanent residence since March 2020, but in 2018 and 2019 I have been a non-resident and filled my taxes accordingly. I have not received the stimulus package yet, what should I do? Am I eligible?

    Thank you

    • You had to have been a permanent resident in 2019. My mom has the same problem. Unless this is changed. She just became a legal permanent resident this year.

  31. I’m an legal immigrant with SSN paying taxes in US for 10 years. My wife is also an legal dependant immigrant with ITIN paying taxes (Married filled Jointly) and I’m earning 50,000$ per year. Now without payroll and searching job because of COVID.
    As per Trump Administration, we won’t get this Stimulus 1200$.
    Wowwwwww – Not sure why are we paying taxes, may be we are not eligible for voting in November Elections.

  32. This is so sad I feel descriminated I was born in the US and so was my children but I am married to an immigrant and because we file taxes married and jointly we are not getting anything. Not only I am not workiNg but his hours were cut off. Plus he iS not getting his green card anytime sooner since the immigration offices are closed and I had put in a petition for almost 3 years. We had already repaid the fees. Now what we have to pay again for the 3rd time.

  33. This is so unfair. I am so frustrated of doing everything “the right way” and getting nothing. Plus I’m a NURSE working two JOBS FULL TIME. 8-2 in one and 2-10pm in another and I get NOTHING in return. I am a US citizen and so is my daughter. We have to file jointly because it’s a requirement for us as we are going through this process. This sucks.

  34. If your married to an illegal immigrant and I filed married but filing
    seperately on my taxes and I have a SSN and him an itin number will I still get a check??

  35. I am a citizen and married my husband last year, we filed for his citizenship but still in process, I didn’t know anything or hear on the news about this mixed family cruelty until today, now that I am reading all this comments, is getting me really upset and sad because we pay $1500 in taxes to IRS and this year again and I am not going to qualify for the stimulus check?
    This is BS

  36. This is truly wrong.

    I’m a O-1 visa holder, legally working in the U.S. paying taxes thru my SSN, filed jointly together with my wife who has a O-3 visa (spouse of O-1 visa holder), A legal status; she’s not allowed to work, never have worked and therefore has a ITIN number. Because of this rule, me and our daughter (US citizen) is not eligible for the stimulus check. I don’t get it, – why am I paying taxes, medicare, social etc – when we need it – we get excluded!?

  37. I was born in the USA & married my wife 16 years ago we have been in process getting her papers for 13 years. We cannot get the Stimulus Check because she only has an ITIN and not a Social Secuity numbers this is unjust.

  38. I am on the same boat here, question does anyone know what can be done? Is there any solution for this problem that’s affecting thousands of families?

  39. I’ve been married to a Mexican for over 10 years iam a U.S. citizen with 4 children all my kids are U.S. citizens and it’s so unfair that we can’t have the opportunity to get this help I have friends who still have their jobs and didn’t really need the money like we do ☹️ iam really happy for them for getting that extra help . But it’s so unfair I think we should all be equall

  40. I’ve never felt so betrayed buy our government they really failed us during this time. I would of been ok with my spouse not receiving anything but me and my children are U.S citizens. They’ve gone too far now they’re discriminating against us because who we chose to marry I guess were no longer American when you go that route.

  41. I also am considered a mixed family status. I am a US born citizen as are my 3 kids but because I married my husband and we filled our taxes jointly like we legally should, me and my kids are now considered second class citizens and will not recieve a stimulus check. We can not apply for unemployment, we can not apply for state assistance without hurting his chances at becoming a citizen, and now me and my 3 kids also wont recieve our stimulus check.

  42. I am in the same boat. I am born in the USA and my son too we are citizens. I recently married my husband 2019 which is a immigrant with ITIN number. We been living together for over 10 years and did our taxes separately. Since we got married 2019 we decided to do are taxes together. I feel like I been punished to married an illegal immigrant. I never ask any help from the govt I been working for this country since I was 14 years old and I still get punished. Its just not fair I pay my family dental and health insurance which is super expensive and never ask for help from the govt. What can we do to fight for our rights since two of us are citizens ?

  43. It’s also not fair to unmarried couples. My daughter lives with her boyfriend and their daughter. Her two sons also live with them. He claims them all as dependents but only got stimulus money for himself and their daughter. My daughter cannot get stimulus for herself or her sons because they are dependents on his return.

  44. I am a working US citizen and I served in the military as well. I married my wife who has an ITIN number and is not currently working. Since we filed our taxes jointly for the past 7 years. We will be missing out on this stimulus money as well.

  45. This is so unfair. My husband and i came here for 10 years ,we have 2 little girls are US citizen, and my husband working for science department with H1B visa, and we pay tax every single year legally.Now because only me dont have SSN ,so make my whole family lost the help from government, i feel soso guilty now

  46. We are in same situation and it’s un fair that our military can have a spouse with a Itin number and get a stimulus check. How unfair is that for the rest of us

  47. My wife is from the Philippines and we’ve been married for going on 13 years. We have a daughter who is 10 years old. We moved back to the U.S. from the Philippines when my job required I relocate because of communication issues caused by poor Internet. My wife has had her green card for over three years now. We filed our taxes as married filing jointly and initially used her ITIN number until she got a social security number. I hadn’t notice until now the Free Tax filing service we used had been automatically carrying over her ITIN each year by default. I should have been more thorough but missed it. Now we see we won’t be getting that badly needed stimulus check. I have no clue who to reach out to or how to rectify the error. I was born in the U.S. and a citizen all my life but can’t believe my own government is treating us like this because of my choice of spouse. A choice I’ll never regret no matter what I have to go through…

  48. My family and I also did not qualify for the stimulus. I am livid about this unfortunate situation and so incredibly disappointed in our government! We all need to unite and raise our voice to this unjust situation asap! This is discrimination and punishment against US citizens for having mixed families!!

  49. I personal served in the Military for over 26 years and took an Oath. I am worried because the Judicial Branch unequivocally condones this discrimination, due to one filing a joint tax return with a spouse whom has an Individual Tax ID Number and then people punished for having a lawful Social Security Number.

    Apparently, the Branches of the US Government now formed an unseen clan, but I took an Oath to keep the Branches of the US Government separated. The Judicial Branch curled up and started sucking their thumb, then let the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch deny them milk. Therefore, I wasted over 26 Years of my life for a system that does not work for “The People” with a lawful Social Security number for Stimulus checks.

    Nevertheless, I hope that I shall not be punished for saying something that used to be protected by Articles called “Amendments to the Constitution”. Maybe the cause for the weird rush to buy toilet paper for having a lawful Social Security Number, but one filed it with an Individual Tax ID Number and you are no longer one of us. There you go, Judicial Branch knees pinned to the chest, sucking thumb, and eyes closed letting the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch discriminately run amuck.

  50. So Democrats blocked the bill twice, It went through the senate and the house but it’s TRUMP’s fault…got it

  51. Omg please help I cant pay my Bill’s I owe 2 months rent my wife is pregnant and cant get my stimulus check just because my wife has a ITIN number that of course the goverment has issue for this poor people to pay taxes

  52. I am in a similar situation. I filed a tax return early, even though I wasn’t required to because I am retired and live on Social Security and another small pension. I am an expat and live with my wife in her country. We have filed income tax jointly since we were married, as we received a refund in the past. She is not an undocumented alien. She has never been in the US. The IRS though allows her to file a joint return with me using an ITIN,. I did not know at the time I filed for 2019 that I would get the EIP automatically as a Social Security recipient. They sad at the time I filed that you had to file to get the EIP. And they didn’t say I would be excluded if I filed a joint return with my wife. So now I am excluded, and also our 2 year old child. I am filing an amended tax return to change my status to married filing separately, since the tax deadline has been extended to July 15. Hopefully then we will still be able to get it in a few months.

  53. I can’t understand how this is even constitutional. In a way I can see them disqualifying the illegal immigrant and not granting them the check (even thought that if they pay their taxes they should also qualify) but to disqualify the entire family because of one? Very unjust. Isn’t the “normal” thing to do once a couple is legally married to join everything? Also, for a person that is trying to get their spouses green card, how would USCIS feel if you decided to file separately? I am sure they are going to raise eyebrows. This is just upsetting what the US has come to.

  54. So we don’t qualify for the Stimulus package but later when the taxes go up on everything. Now we are US citizen, we get to pay for something we never received to begin with. Because we all know that they’re getting that money back one way or another. We’re Struggling right now!! We have children!!! A lot of us are essential workers with NO!! Hazardous pay!! Why are my kids being punished???

  55. This is discrimination!!! How can a country who believes in family values punish someone for being with a loved one just because they are illegal !!!! I was illegal in this country many many many years ago…… As many of us Americans who love this country and have sworn to protect it. This is absurd. OK if they have a tax ID then I might understand they won’t get it because they aren’t legal “yet” but punishing an American because of there loved one is absurd, unfair and a complete disregard for our rights………… Is there a petition? Please if there is can someone forward it to me?

    Thanks and may you all be safe and blessed in these crazy times

  56. In the same boat as you all. Very disappointed in my country. Taking away my rights as a US citizen. Don’t even know how this is legal. Have 3 kids and have lost my job due to covid so my undocumented husband who works his ass off is supporting our family of 5 right now. We do file joint in hopes of fixing his status.

  57. I am a citizen and so are my two younger sisters but because of my parents being undocumented we are not receiving a stimulus check. My family and I are very disappointed in the government right now because this so unfair. Both of my parents pay their taxes so we have all the right in receiving a stimulus check.

  58. My daughter in law came to Utah with her grandmother after her mother died giving birth. Shortly after her grandmother passed away, and was raised by another family member. My daughter in law attended school, graduated, and worked/ paid taxes. Married my son in the state of Utah. Gave birth to my oldest granddaughter in Utah. My son , daughter in law, and granddaughter moved to California , the place my son was born and raised. My beautiful daughter in law has been working in California over 18 years, and paying taxes. They blessed me with two more grandchildren . They too are not eligible for a stimulus check😟😷

  59. I’m a Us citizen have paid my taxes for years. I recently married, my husband who has also always paid taxes filling with his ITIN number…… then why pay taxes if we don’t matter. Crazy how the Government is up and ready to charge taxes on our hard earned money but not willing to support us on a time of need.

    • I totally agree with you. I am a disabled veteran, currently working for the government, married to a foreigner. Same situation.

  60. I am a disabled veteran currently working for the government as a civilian, married to aJapanese woman for 20 years. Paying taxes faithfully every year, filing jointly. Now to find out that I am not illegible for a stimulus payment because I am married to a foreigner! Disappointing to say the least! This can’t be legal. I have a feeling that lawsuits are going to be filed. At a minimum stimulus payments should be made to the U.S. Citizen and their eligible dependents.

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