2 thoughts on “Chris Quinn to Anti-Shelter Protesters: ‘Why Do You Hate Homeless Children?’

  1. While Ms. Quinn’s opinion is certainly welcome, let’s not forget she is profiting from our homeless crisis. So, my opinion is this; speaking of the Glendale shelter specifically and all shelters in general is as follows. How can you expect us to be accepting of a 200 person facility, 8-10 people sleeping in a room together in the center of our community. A facility that is costing tax payers over 10 million dollars a year. There has to be a better way. Community board 5 has approx. 250-300 homeless who’s last address was within, why then is it getting this and a shelter to house over 100 families? That more then double of what originates. Go to a place in your community which is crowded and busy, count people, I can’t find anywhere in community board 5 where I can count 200 people concentrated in one spot. It’s to much!!! There is a better, cheaper way.

  2. Glendale residents are fully aware that most homeless men in the new shelter will be coming directly from Rikers Island, and they are not children.

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