4 thoughts on “Housing Advocates Plan Another Aggressive Push in Albany

  1. The federal courts are going to tear the ‘tenant protection’ laws to shreds. Clearly a taking, esecially the provision preventing a property owner from using more than one apartment for their own use. Tell me how that it constitutuonal?

  2. ” Another goal will be to entirely eliminate major capital improvements (MCIs).”

    Silly goal – no MCIs will be done under the new law anyway. It makes no financial sense to go through the burden of doing the paperwork and regulatory headache to get basically no return.

    But as the article mentions, Landlords will also just do patch jobs and minimal work simply to avoid violations/fines.

    Last expect to see working homeless population significantly increase, because with the new law the expense of eviction is now so high that it is better to hold apts empty and wait for the ‘perfect’ tenant than t is to take a chance on anyone.

    Welcome to reality

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