5 thoughts on “Opinion: Anti-Shelter Scare Tactics Undercut Councilmember’s Words of Compassion

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  3. I understand that people need a place to stay however a homeless shelter this large and in a residential area with no public transportation is not right for anyone. A block away from an elementary school, a children’s park, dance and gymnastics schools it is not a good choice.
    The fact is that Homeless shelters have proven to be dangerous (see fact sheet below) with 525 arrests covering the period 4/1/2019 through 6/30/2019 116 of which were felonies. The people in this neighborhood do not want to risk their children’s welfare and this is completely understandable.


    • Sorry, is your point is that in a shelter system that holds around 60,000 people a night, 525 arrests over three months is an indication of a public safety threat?

      There were 56,000 arrests citywide over that period, including 21,000 for felonies. You are holding out 525 as, what, worrisome?

      But let’s pretend for a moment that there actually was a profound public-safety risk associated with each and every homeless shelter, as you are contending. If “The people in this neighborhood do not want to risk their children’s welfare,” does that suggest that other people in other neighborhoods, who have disproportionately shouldered the burden of hosting shelters, should have to further risk theirs?

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