5 thoughts on “The Shelter Wars: City’s Need for Beds Meets Opposition in Several Neighborhoods

  1. Kudos to Brad Lander and others who are standing their ground and actually welcoming homeless families into our community. The 5th Avenue shelter is a block away from where he lives and two blocks from my family’s house. Like many of our neighbors, I much prefer families and children moving into the neighborhood than more Manhattan transplants who aren’t “tuned in” to the community and use this area as an affordable springboard that will eventually launch them back to Manhattan, or – if they do have families – to larger homes in prettier areas or out of town. While landlords and real estate agents profit from that type of constant turnover, the sense of place and community we have here suffers. It should be noted that most people in this community (Gowanus, Park Slope, South Slope) – while rightly shining light on financial issues – are in support of welcoming these homeless families. While they won’t come out and say it, most of those who are opposed are concerned about property value – i.e., meaning they’re not planning on staying here anyway. That’s not how we do it in Brooklyn. To them I say, “good riddance.” To the arriving families I say “welcome home.”

  2. With regard to using stats to prove a point that crime is down near shelters – many crimes were reported in the Elmhurst area that were directly related to shelter residents at the Pan Am hotel. The police came and refused to take reports, most likely under direct orders from the PC who reports to de Blasio. Walk into any business on QB near the hotel and talk to the managers and owners. They’ll tell you an earful.

    • Then the councilmember for that area is not doing their job. The CM and other local elected officials need to make a big deal about the intentional lack of NYPD response. If they don’t get in front of this nothing will happen.

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