4 thoughts on “Opinion: Council Must Not Hide Behind ‘Member Deference’ on Borough Jails

  1. This should never have been expedited. They were grouped in order to push it through. The Bronx site is in a a really bad location compared to the others, it’s nowhere near the courts.

    The architects could build a taller prison. Look at the footprint for the Manhattan site. Could build it tall enough to absorb the Horizon Juvenile prison in the hub as well. Now there will be a jail in eastern Mott Haven, a jail in the Hub, and existing central bookings and facilities at 161st.

  2. I typed this on another article but again:

    Bronx jail should be placed at Concourse Plaza. It’s about half parking currently.

    Buy it, build out the commercial units on 161st St first, move in the commercial tenants, tear down the existing shops behind the 161st St frontage after the move, jail on top of it all. Site would be bigger than the pound and across the street from the court. At least 330k sq ft at ground level. Could even move Horizon into it freeing up more land for redevelopment in the Hub.

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