Gowanus Canal Brooklyn

Adi Talwar

The Gowanus Canal, site of a big rezoning, a Superfund clean-up and the rare 'poonami.'

Your correspondent appeared on BRIC-TVs 112BK with MacKenzie Fegan last week to discusses the Gowanus rezoning, combined sewer overflows, the Queens DA race and Bill de Blasio’s run for president, among other things. Somehow, they got on to the topic of “mole people.” Watch below.

One correction: The provision in the city charter that allows the public advocate to temporarily take charge of the city specifies a period of nine days, not five or seven as I mentioned. It’s pretty unlikely the mayor would be gone for that long, but for charter fans out there, here’s the wording of Chapter 1, Section 10, part A of the charter:

In case of the suspension of the mayor from office, the mayor’s temporary inability to discharge the powers and duties of the office of mayor by reason of sickness or otherwise, or the mayor’s absence from the city, the powers and duties of the office of mayor shall devolve upon the public advocate or the comptroller in that order of succession until the suspension, inability or absence shall cease. While so acting temporarily as mayor neither the public advocate nor the comptroller shall exercise any power of appointment to or removal from office or any power lawfully delegated by the mayor to a deputy mayor before the commencement of such suspension or inability, or before or after the commencement of such absence; and shall not, until such suspension, inability or absence shall have continued nine days, sign, approve or disapprove any local law or resolution, unless the period during which the mayor can act thereon would expire during said nine days in which case the public advocate or the comptroller shall have the power to disapprove the same within forty-eight hours before the time to act expires.