6 thoughts on “Two Bridges Foes Win a Round in Suit Over Mayoral Power

  1. To paraphrase the Incredible Hulk, “Puny Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Guidelines.”

    What if there was a Development project that:

    – Didn’t displace any resident?
    – Provided 2,300 (30% of total) and potentially up to 3,000 permanently affordable units?
    – Provided a TOTAL of 7,630 units?
    – Was in the LSRD area?
    – Provided 300,000sf of NEW public space where there was previously almost none?
    – Provided a new 900-student school, FREE to the city?
    – Provided a new Subway stop (maybe 2)?
    – Provided a NEW transportation option across the East River?
    – Provided over 23,000 construction jobs and nearly 2,000 post-construction jobs?
    – Provided $340 million in annual taxes Federal/State/City, including $242 million to the State and City?
    – Created an iconic structure, called by one major Construction
    Consulting firm Principal: “The 8th wonder of the world” drawing tourists from all over the world, including to its 12,000sf in observation decks?

    Would the neighborhood STILL be opposed to that? Would the city? If so, WHY?

    Introducing the RiverArch: http://bit.ly/Riverarch

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