10 thoughts on “Call for City to Lawyer-Up Against Landlords Who Shun Tenants With Vouchers

  1. Section 8 is a VOLUNTARY government program that landords can CHOOSE to participate in IF they want to. Many do, and many don’t. This has always been the way it is since Section 8 was developed in 1974. You cannot force a private citizen to particiapte in a voluntary government program, its unconstitutional. Already there have been two court cases, one in Texas and one in Pennsylvania that went to the states supreme courts. Both of these income discrimination laws were found unconstitional and the laws had to be rescinded. There are a dozen other cases in as many states making their way through the courts. At some point one will go to SCOTUS where it will certainly be found unconstitional and all of these laws will have to be recsinded. A lot of lawyers are going to make millions on these cases and not one unit of afford able housing will be created, This is foolish political theater that is going to cost taxpayers millions and not solve the problem.

    • Great points. Many people don’t realize the program has its own lease. So basically they want to force people to sign a lease with terms dictated by HUD and its local agent. HUd, the worst slumlord in American history.

      • That argument would be slightly more persuasive if the discrimination complaints didn’t also include several other varieties of vouchers not involving HUD at all.

        • I am looking be for a 4-5bedrooms place in NYC I have CITYFHEPS. Not go nowhere. I have large family. Plus I am a working Mother. Can somebody please help me .

  2. It’s not discrimination for a landlord to avoid a badly designed government program. Also a voucher isn’t income.

    Ideologues contrived the term “source of income discrimination” to avoid changing their badly run program. Instead they will force landlords to participate.

  3. Good! Something needs to be done. The discrimination is out of control, ever since Gentrification began. Private owners are one thing, but if NYS Law says you must accept voucher tenants if your Apartment building has 6 units or more, you as the owner of that property NEED to adhere to the laws, or get ready for a court battle against the City. Homeless crisis is out of control and only getting worse with all the Discrimination going on in recent years. Do your background checks, Do a proper and complete screening on ALL tenants, then as an Owner you wont have to feel like tenants may destroy your property. Most owners never experienced Section 8 voucher tenants for themselves, many just piggy back off of, & believe what they’ve heard some slumlord on social media say about his/her experience with section 8. Many owners/Landlords don’t even realize there are different types of Voucher Programs, not just one big Voucher program. I think Owners and Landlords should get Educated on how these programs actually, who is operating them (which Housing Agency is it under), the qualifications- Does the tenant have to be employed in order to qualify, because some programs dont. Does rhe voucher program pay upfront, if so- how many years?, All these questions and more should be asked and answered. Youd be surprised at how many Landlords, & Lawyers do not realize theres multiple types of Voucher programs in NY. The Section 8 program is one type of voucher, that has different branches to it. My landlords Lawyer got the whole case thrown out after 4 months of waisted time in court, I’m missing work and all-because he assumed NYCHA was the correct section 8 program. So its very important that these landlords get Educated out here on these programs if they want to call themselves Landlords. How are you out here owning properties, and dont have a clue how these Housing programs and Agencies really operate. You should already be educated FULLY on the Housing Laws if you own Residential property in NYS. Listening to what some slumlord on social has posted online or in a video could all be some made up nonsense. There are Thousands of voucher holder in NYS. Thousands! And Thousands more waiting for vouchers. And hundreds catching hell trying to find somebody to accept them before the voucher expires. I really hope the city does something about the Expiration dates. 3 or even 6 months at a time just isnt enough anymore with all the Discrimination, and Gentrification going on.

  4. nobody protects section 8 and the other programs all lose section 8 because the owners reject it. There has to be a punishment for these. because what one spends time and money and is tired that every day you search and search and find and tell you about your economic status. It is sad to be frustrated that they lie and steal the money from the application of an apartment

  5. NYC Commission on Human Rights did absolutely nothing to help me when a broker who was related to the owner of a building, his father, blatantly discriminated against me. I used ACRIS and Facebook to get background info about them and that helped me realize their relationship in photos and documents. The person from CCHR on the phone keep putting me on hold while asking numerous asinine questions, I was denied because of income. I have Section 8 and was driven to and shown an apartment, I gave my ssi number, my voucher, the package from section 8 and other personal info before I called after not hearing from the broker for over a week. The broker insisted I give him my info asap, he rushed me to get my documents to him. Also I told I had the money for the broker’s fee and one month’s rent, which I did, in cash. I know I was being denied this apartment when I didn’t hear from the broker for over a week. So I called him and he informed me he had to get a cash buyer instead because he was told by inspectors from the city there was a violation and he couldn’t accept any vouchers for this apartment. I asked him how long will it take to correct and he told me it will take a lot of time maybe two months or more and since he knew when my voucher was expiring I believe he used that as a way to make sure that it would exceed the date I needed to find a place. I went to the city’s data base and find nothing about any current violations. They had just bought the building and had no outstanding violations and other units in the building were already occupied by Section 8 tenants for this 7 legal unit building. So I got my friend to call and say they had a voucher and was looking to move asap. They got no response so they sent a text to this same broker and within minutes received a text asking for them to send a copy of their voucher to the broker’s cellphone. I knew I smelled a rat and this was confirmation. Unfortunately for me they lost this info but I was resolute to proceed with calling the CCHR, they took a while to get back to me, about a couple of weeks. I was outside going to the section 8 offices when I received their call. I explained my situation and this individual put me on hold numerous times to talk to the supervisor because apparently they couldn’t proceed because they didn’t seem knowledgeable at all. As I got closer to the my destination and I was feeling that I wasn’t going to get any relief from this agency. When I was in front of the section 8 offices, I was getting irritated and frustrated as I was put on hold for the 5th or 6th time. I couldn’t get this person off the phone even after they told me I have no case at all. They wouldn’t let me go and I told them more than once thank you, I have to go, and they still….kept…talking…. I couldn’t believe this. They gave me no other options or reasonable outcomes to help me proceed. So I asked one last time do I have a case? I was told no once again and I said thank you and hung up while they still talking. What a waste of time, this why the system will stay broken. These people will try to get away with whatever they want, there is very little relief from the people who can deny services to us, it is nothing but a fallacy to believe there is actually help. They do the bare minimum… If you have no money or name, you get nothing unless you do what you have to do and keep going with the flow. I still will look to get what I need to call these people out and I have no mercy for them.

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