4 thoughts on “Opinion: More than the Bronx at Stake with Race to Fill Serrano’s Seat

  1. Puerto Ricans are still the majority voters in the district. While not within the contours of the article names like Marlene Cintron, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Julio Pabon, Senator Luis Sepulveda, have been considered and others have expressed an interest. As such it is too early to limit our analysis to the three declared candidates. Councilman Torres has no history of speaking out on Puerto Rico, immigration or any of the major issues faced by a elected congress member and refuses to be transparent with members of the press. MIA The perennial candidate Blake also has a Puerto Ricanless agenda? The article also ignores the role of white liberals who insist on intruding in the South Bronx politics while having for years ignored the Puerto Rican community? If Puerto Rican leaders lose this historically important seat it will be largely because of the divisive bickering of many of the Puerto Rican leadership. A real tragedy.

  2. This is kind of unfair to Ritchie Torres. For one thing, he left the Progressive Caucus over what he saw as them being insufficiently progressive, and he has since rejoined them. He is currently a member. The WFP and Jumaane Williams have repeatedly praised him.

    For another thing, it would be more fair for you to elaborate on the issues around “huddling with” Jeff Klein. For all his flaws, Klein delivered public housing funding, which is Torres’s signature issue. Even the furthest left among us don’t object to working with other politicians to deliver progressive legislation or funding.

  3. Is there a reason the article refers to Michael Blake as “Former” Assemblyman and refers to his “former” assembly district? As of the time of writing of this comment (June 12th 2019) Michael Blake is definitely still a member of the New York State Assembly (presumably to his chagrin).

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