3 thoughts on “Opinion: Amazon Deal’s Collapse Shows the Work Big Tech Must Do in NYC

  1. Google odes have a large and growing presence in NYC. But they are a bad example as they prefer to hire cheaper H1B visa holders rather than US citizens.

  2. You have it backwards. “BIG TECH” has no obligation to do ANYTHING!!! for NYC. It’s quite the opposite. “BIG TECH”, or any other business that is considering NYC as a home, makes their decision based on their own interests. To assume that these companies have nowhere else to go, and must submit to a “SHAKEDOWN” to base their operations here is Idiotic. People and businesses have been fleeing this city and state for years based on this assumption.

    • I believe NYC now has more private-sector jobs than ever before. Amazon was going to get billions in tax benefits — if that’s a shakedown, where do I sign up for one?

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