4 thoughts on “Analysis: Will Something Good Come Out of De Blasio’s Run for President?

  1. What “good” would it do if DeBlasio increased the consciousness of NYC in the national political arena?
    What “good” would it do for New York if he simply snagged a Cabinet post?
    What “good” would it do if he actually won the Presidency?
    If Bill DeBlasio becomes President it will mean a big win for New York City, with the election of someone who truly cares about New York City,
    someone who cares for ALL the people of NYC, and not just the rich and powerful. He’ll work for our city’s benefit on the Federal level – unlike so-called New Yorker Donald Trump.

    Mayor DeBlasio has a much better approval rating among New Yorkers than Trump has EVER had as President.
    This in the context of certain long-term (and very expensive) NYC problems such as the MTA and NYCHA, which need substantial State or Federal input to foster genuine improvement.
    While managing a 90 billion dollar budget and a 300,000 person bureaucracy, DeBlasio’s achievements in childhood education, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, protecting our immigrant communities, battling homelessness and the lack f affordable housing, improving high school graduation rates, holding down rent increases with his appointees to the Rent Stabilization Board, bettering community police relations, instituting paid family leave, and lowering crime rates cannot be disputed. Except by right-wingers of course, who have been trying to smear DeBlasio from day one. Remember the And Hammer and Sickle on the cover of Murdoch’s New York Post on election day?
    His delay in endorsing Hillary Clinton showed that his political instincts about her weakness as a candidate were later justified. And just as Hillary was unfairly treated by James Comey, DeBlasio is similarly attacked with so-called reports of so-called unnamed prosecutors who supposedly “narrowly” decided not to prosecute him for campaign finance violations. With the exception of the President (who can’t be indicted as per Justice Dept. rules), anyone who is not indicted should not be unjustly accused and have their reputation tarnished with such unproved allegations.
    If America is looking for a fresh face, if it’s looking for an alternative to the current con-man clown who thinks he’s king, if it’s looking for an articulate spokesman with progressive ideas, solid experience & sorely needed vision —then don’t rule out Bill DeBlasio. Especially at this extremely early”stage of the game .
    For both Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were relative unknowns, and America picked them as alternatives to Republican candidates.
    Besides being part of an attractive inter-racial family, DeBlasio can frame himself as a younger version of popular populist Bernie Sanders.
    In addition, his win would not mean the loss of a vital Democratic Senate seat.
    If a fawning stiff like Mike Pence can be Vice-President, then Bill DeBlasio certainly can fill that role graciously as a possible consolation prize.

  2. I,m for CITYLIMITS very well written good points made about the Mayor. New Yorkers should give the Mayor a chance his vision for the national stage is a win for us New Yorkers.

  3. This is Excellent!!!!!!! The more these Lefty Idiots try to top each other, the better it is for Trump! These Dopes, and the people that wrote this article(the NATION), think that they can get thru to us Deplorables and make us see the light. YOU JUST DONT GET IT!!!!!!

    • BronxRob, I wrote this article, not the Nation. Why do you say you are deplorable? You seem perfectly wonderful to me.

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