One thought on “Tenants, Landlords Will Testify on New York’s Rent Laws

  1. The ridiculous laws proposed by the State is guaranteed to bring about the collapse of the NYC economy. I’ll explain.

    Unfortunately this needs to be explained because of the illiterate politicians that we elected to destruct our economy are so busy misleading the public about housing.

    It had become commonplace for peopleto assume that all landlords in NYC are millionaires which is absolutely false. Lots of them are struggling with aging buildings that need improvement. Removing mold, asbestos and just regular updates to these buildings are very expensive.

    The improvements made benefit the tenants, in the case of MCI it may mean changing plumbing to stop frequent leaks, or beautifying a lobby and hallway to make it more inviting. If that would be eliminated, no landlord would ever have incentive to spend on pretty light fixtures or expensive paints.
    In the case of IAI this is the same thing, landlords wont have incentive to improve apartments with nice kitchens and vanities or high quality faucets and lighting. Resulting in further deterioration of buildings and was happening in the 70’s and 80’s.
    Furthermore, the elimination or reduction of these programs are certain to take a toll on thousands of construction workers and handymans who earn their living from these programs and reducing spending on improvements and building supplies by billions of dollars annually. No longer will a landlord purchase a $700 vanity or $1,000 countertop, rent stabilized properties will plummet in value, causing a direct loss of economic activity, sales tax, and transfer tax.

    And all will be in the name of helping the tenant who’s a tile layer and instead of helping him will lose his job.

    When that happens NYC as we know it is over. Some will wake up then, the illiterate politicians will say we should’ve killed the landlords… Heil!

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