6 thoughts on “The Distressing Math of NYC’s Future Senior-Housing Need

  1. A big part of the solution is affordable assisted living known as New York State’s Assisted Living Program (ALP), which provides Medicaid support for a housing and services model for seniors that do not need 24-hour medical care but do need ongoing supervision to address their planned and unplanned needs, to keep them safe, and to offer social engagement opportunities rather than isolation in their own apartment where maybe they see a home care aide or family member a few times per week. New York needs more Assisted Living Programs and state policy should promote that.

      • I guess no one ever told you retirement was a come-as-you-are party?

        If we didn’t have seniors aging-in-place in their owned homes the city would really be screwed.

        Not to worry the flipping of property taxes from multi-dwellings to small properties will fix all that. That is if the LLs pass along the property tax reductions to the tenants. With regulated apartments possibly. With non-regulated don’t wait.

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