Was this a Blue Wave or a Meh Midterm? Is Andrew Cuomo in a newly commanding or a newly constrained position as he enters a third term? How will the Democrats handle control of the U.S. House and the New York State Senate?

On Wednesday’s WBAI, Ben Man and I spoke with Daily News’ editorial board member Alyssa Katz about the implications of the midterm elections. And we previewed our forthcoming City Limits-Gotham Gazette series, Agenda 2019, where we’ll explore all the huge decisions and weighty discussions likely to occur over the next 12 months in Albany, in City Hall, in courtrooms around the state and in neighborhoods near you.

Alyssa Katz

The Democrats’ seizure of the House puts new pressure on President Trump but also on the Democrats themselves to chart a strategy that makes appropriate use of their new investigative muscle without letting their agenda be consumed by a street brawl with the White House. In Albany, Senate Democrats’ unity will take effort, Katz says, especially given the likelihood that the governor will employ his considerable political intellect toward dividing and controlling that body as best he can.

Hear our chat with Katz below, and the full show below that.

Alyssa Katz

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