11 thoughts on “CityViews: Five Reasons NYers Should Vote “Yes” on Proposal 2

  1. A thoughtful, concise and cogent piece on the direction of future civic involvement. Encourage words and sentiments meant to “revitalize democracy.” Well-read and informative.

  2. I like the idea of district-based PB as it gives local residents a say in how their own tax dollars are spent. My district (51 – east shore SI) currently doesn’t have PB. But I don’t like the idea of city-wide PB and am not even clear what the point would be because isn’t that what we have the City Council for. Vote no on this flawed proposal.

  3. Well researched and very informative. A good initiative and as Lincoln states ..”a government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this Earth” Please be the change and go out and vote!

  4. While we have California to thank for Right-Turn-On-Red, we have Brazil to thank for Participatory Budgeting. It’s what they think up between dictators.

    If council members can’t figure out what their district really needs they should quit! They only use the voter list for a pull operation for their re-election.

  5. From the rulebook linked here for this NYC PB – here’s what it says about who can participate. New Yorkers can…

    “Volunteer to be budget delegates, if they are at least 11 years old…

    Vote on project proposals, if they are at least 11 years old,
    in 6th Grade and live in the district”

    Ok… I was leaning toward YES, but this rule, in black and white, giving this power to the people… of ELEVEN yrs of age …? They dont even pay sales tax (except via their parents’ contributions)

    I’m also not sure as to how I feel about giving such a say to completely undocumented residents (also approved in this rule). Im sure eleven year olds should not have a say.

  6. My post didn’t show up. Trying again.

    Just posted that I’m incredulous that 11-year-olds, under the PB rules (linked in this article) can volunteer to be BUDGET DELEGATES and VOTE on project proposals! They dont even pay sales tax, since it’s their parents’ money. What IS the rationale for this?!

    • I think the rationale is to get young people engaged in civics, and since it is so hyperlocal, to make the process as inclusive as possible. Is your concern that 11-year-olds are going to swarm in and take over the process? That might be a problem we’d be glad to have.

      And do you feel that paying taxes is an appropriate test for democratic participation? Which ones? Many households pay no direct income taxes because of the progressivity built into that system, and no property taxes because they rent. Should they be barred from this an other democratic exercises?

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