3 thoughts on “Council Weighs Commercial Rent Regs 3 Decades After First Attempt

  1. This law will only make things worse by effectively and illegally making NYC a partner in a private transaction. The real problem is the ever-increasing NYC property taxes on Commercial properties, NYC legislation dictating work schedules and the coming $15/hour minimum wage.

    • The City of New York is not expected to be a “partner” in rent negotiations. That is because an independent arbiter will be tasked to assist If and When the lessor and the lessee are unable to reach an agreement.

      There are many ways in which the City is involved in private commercial transactions: such as environmental, health, fire, safety, and transportation-related regulations and a host of other mandates. You like rats feces in your smoothie? I do not.

      Regulation of work schedules and the $15 minimum wage only make things worse, in my opinion, for employers unable or unwilling,to figure out how to stay in business without forcing their employees on public assistance.

  2. An ‘independent arbiter’ is still interference in a private transaction. The $15/hour min wage means that an owner will have to pay someone $31200/year to hand out pizza slices or coffee or whatever. That’s not a viable business model. No one will pay $25 for a large pizza or $5 for a cup of coffee.

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