7 thoughts on “Bushwick Community Plan Calls for Changes in Zoning—and in the Process

  1. Bravo to the residents of Bushwick!

    Of course it makes sense to focus on public health, environmental issues and socioeconomic conditions in considering neighborhood and city plans!

    Including residents in planning leads to better results and avoids costs that generally get kicked down the road.

  2. Ha ha, good luck with this. The City is going to steamroll you with 30 story buildings wherever property owners have spent enough on lobbyists, and at least 14 stories everywhere else. R8A density at a minimum (which is way larger than 12 stories by the way, and will be 75% market rate).

    They don’t listen to residents (or city planners for that matter) and have no interest in your “input”. Just ask the people of Inwood

  3. NYC1000 thanks for your comment could you tell me where I can get this list from? I’d like to do it for other communities. Thank you.

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