5 thoughts on “From Charters to Common Core, There’s a Ceasefire in NY’s School Wars

  1. As the family psychologist Roman Stone explained to the site “https://writercheap.com”, in USA schools there is still directive work with children “from above”. The entire education system is “sick,” and it creates a problem: it produces poverty among teachers and a poor attitude toward work. In this case – overcrowded classes and overvoltage. Therefore, teachers think how to make money, including – underestimate assessments, to deal with children and optional

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  4. Ceasefire over – Cuomo now pushing a law to allow more charter schools under the cap. Battle stations, everyone?

    Looking forward to more coverage by this author, but hopefully future comments by PACs and astroturfer groups will include disclaimers of how much money they give to political groups and how they use the “revolving door” to reward former officials.

    NYC readers should know the difference between actual stakeholder groups like NPE or the teachers union and billionaire-funded lobbyists posing as “think tanks”.

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