Adi Talwar

State Senate candidate Julia Salazar

The race in New York that’s getting international attention isn’t the one where the actress is challenging a potential presidential candidate, or where the Democratic nominee and putative for one of the top law enforcement jobs in the country–New York attorney general–is certain to be either a woman or a gay man. It’s the primary for the State Senate in Brooklyn’s 18th district.

Watch below as Nick Rizzo, the Democratic district leader who first approach Julia Salazar about challenging Sen. Martin Dilan, joins me on 112BK to address questions that have emerged about her background and assess the prospects for Salazar and other insurgents on September 13.

It is worth noting that Rizzo spoke before Citizen Union pulled its endorsement of Salazar over her misreporting her academic credentials later on Monday, and before we learned of Salazar’s accusation of sexual assault involving an Israeli government official.