NYS Senate

David Carlucci

It is easy for me to say without reservation, I will be casting my ballot for State Sen. David Carlucci on Thursday, September 13th.

Sen. Carlucci has always been there for Spring Valley and the Haitian community. As a Haitian-American and Spring Valley Trustee, I have seen firsthand, Sen. Carlucci’s desire to make a difference for our people.

For example, he often joins me for church activities in the Haitian community when he does not have to. He embraces our community and is willing to speak with anyone and everyone to make the Haitian plight known when it comes to Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

He stood with me, the Counsel General to Haiti, Gandy Thomas, and other top Haitian officials outside the United Nations to make sure the country knows what is at stake if Haitian Americans lose TPS. About 58,000 Haitians, many who live in New York and specifically, Spring Valley, will be deported come July 2019 because of the President’s decision to end the program. Sen. Carlucci has held rallies, written President Trump, and ingratiated himself in our community to let people know, he is vehemently against this.

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Each year, Sen. Carlucci does not forget Haitian Unity Day, which greatly matters to Spring Valley, home to one of the largest Haitian populations in the country. The celebration allows Haitian-American residents from Rockland to be honored by the Senator in Albany and recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to our community. Haitian Unity Day recognizes that Haiti was the second nation in the Western Hemisphere, after the United States, to earn its independence. Further, Haiti was the first black-governed republic in the world, standing as a beacon of freedom. Haitian residents often feel humbled by the Senator’s invitation and his appreciation for their country and work.

It’s not just his work in Albany that shows me his heart is with Rockland County. Sen. Carlucci has taken on the fight to fix the East Ramapo Central School District. For the past 3 years, he has worked with the state to get the district $3 million dollars with additional state monitor oversight. He could have come back from Albany with nothing for our kids in 2016, but instead funding helped restore full day kindergarten, music, art and other enhancing programs. We know there is so much more to do to help our schools, but the person who secured $1 million for a new roof at East Ramapo High School and who continues to fight for more funding and oversight is Sen. Carlucci.

Sen. Carlucci is also out there in our community and that matters. He supplied and helped drop off free water and Gatorade cases with me to the Spring Valley and Ramapo High School football teams at their first week of double session practices. Meeting with our young boys, speaking with them, shaking their hands and letting them know he cares.

Sen. Carlucci, simply put, is never missing in action, and he is moving New York forward, which is why I ask that you join me in voting for him on September 13th.

Eudson Tyson Francois is a Spring Valley Trustee.